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As one of our teacher, you become a recognized professional. You help your students prepare for their secondary education exams while you teach them about Accounting BSO. You use your professional experience to teach your students and based to it you write your own coursebook. When the times for their exam comes, you have to grade them. See how they become an expert in front of your eyes and apply now!



  • Creating and/or adapting educational programs, training tools and exercises
  • Developing learning methods and resources
  • Supporting students and following up with them on educational, logistical and/or administrative matters
  • Following remote training framework
  • Designing and adjusting training programs, tools, modules and plans
  • Transferring knowledge to students
  • Developing an orientation module for the training program
  • Conduct evaluations of exercises, practice and exams
  • Keeping students informed on materials and equipment, and transferring technical skills


  • The necessary basic concepts in accounting;
  • Everything about VAT, the VAT return and the accounting system;
  • Simplified accounting;
  • Double accounts: balance sheet and inventory, the ledger and journal, the test and balance sheet and the annual accounts;
  • Remuneration and year-end transactions;
  • Investments and financing with fixed assets;
  • The starting entrepreneur; establish yourself as a self-employed person.


  • Accounting Teacher



To be able to teach the Accounting BSO course, you must have at least 3 years of experience in the sector. We prioritize people who are self-employed and are able to guide others on their way to entrepreneurship. Practical experience is very important, because we create the experts of tomorrow and we want our teachers to be the best of the best. Our teachers must be helpful and friendly to their students. They must guide them through the path to their success.


Our school offers you a long-term collaboration. Your contract gives you the opportunity to teach your students while you expand your own career, develop your skills, and get a steady source of income. It is an amazing deal.


Being an Entrepreneur’s school, we focus on hiring teachers with years of experience being self-employed in their field. As a teacher at Coursle - Centre For Distance Learning, you’ll be teaching students about real-life scenarios you’ve faced while working in the field. You’ll also be giving them extra tips about becoming self-employed themselves, like how to find their first clients, what to charge when starting out and avoiding beginner mistakes. This practice-oriented approach makes you immensely valuable as a teacher and makes our school so unique.


Your home course must be conducted in English, so you have to be fluent in this language. This way, you are able to teach students all across Europe.


Our school offers you a freelance contract that lets you work remotely. This way you are able to work from your favourite place and to travel the world. The teaching method is very flexible and that gives you the opportunity to work at your own pace and combine your job with your business and personal activities.


When a student signs up for the Accounting BSO home course, they can start immediately. They study at times they choose themselves. That means that you, as the teacher, can also decide for yourself where and when you work.


As an expert in education and entrepreneurship, we focus on helping students develop new skills in an efficient, practical manner, so they can enter their chosen field quickly – be it as a self-employed professional or as an employee.
We’re part of an international education group that offers training in various European countries. This solid and reliable foundation makes our growing company so well-established and successful on the international market.


What does it mean to teach home courses?

When you become a teacher at our school, you start to practice a noble job. Teachers are the creators of the experts of tomorrow. You provide your students with the needed in-depth knowledge about Accounting BSO. Your course is an interaction between you and a passionate and motivated student.


Are you motivated, talented and looking for a new challenge? Do you want to work with your colleagues to improve our school - and elevate your career in the process? Send us a CV and motivational letter at

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