Healthy Food

Healthy Food

Your body needs fuel. And you’re here because you know it’s important what you fuel it with. Do you want to find out what to eat to supplement your new workout regime? Or maybe you’re curious about the best diet for a young child’s development. Either way, the Healthy Foods module is the perfect place for you.

Pick your direction, dive in, and achieve your goals!

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Nutrition experts find work in several industries. You get the chance to work with children or adults, athletes or people with health issues. You gain the opportunity to become a consultant, start a blog, or open a food store/ business. It all depends on what you want to do. Your future is entirely up to you, and we are here to help you achieve your dreams!

People know nutrition is important and therefore they hire nutritionists. This is because people need a specialist to give them concrete, expert advice - and if you want to be a nutrition expert, you need to know every detail about the subject. Therefore, this category gives you all the knowledge you need. - employerSpeaks

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We often eat plant-based, local, and seasonal food. The environment, the climate, and our own bodies change our eating habits: They also make us want more transparency about our food. We see this more conscious eating also in the rise of vegetarians and the growth of the vegan movement. But how do different types of food affect our growth, our thinking, and our energy levels? Learn all that and much more in these courses.

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We are all more and more concerned with our food. We grow our own vegetables and want to know where our meat comes from. The trend towards more conscious eating plays to your advantage as a food expert. Sign up now, become a specialist, and create a successful business.

"I like to cook. I love it so much that I started a blog about it. But I also wanted to substantiate that blog scientifically. I notice that many of my readers ask about it and that there is a lot of interest to know what we eat. Thanks to the all-round Nutrition Therapy course I now have the confidence to share my cooking skills and scientifically based advice with the world. That makes me happy and I hope that I really help a lot of people with it." - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


When you graduate from a course in the Healthy Foods subcategory, you have the knowledge of everything you need to successfully start as a nutrition consultant. You have the option to choose a specific direction, such as sports nutrition or child nutrition, or rather something general. You choose where your interests lie and start the adventure.


  • Apples provide more energy than coffee. This is due to the high content of carbohydrates, fiber, minerals and vitamin C.
  • Avocados are officially considered fruit.
  • Raw oysters are most likely alive when you eat them. This is because they are only edible for a limited time.
  • Honey, sugar, salt, and raw rice stay good forever.