Karin Stevens




Davidson College BS 2000 in chemistry

University of Berkeley California 2003 MS in chemistry

Teaching Experience:

Private Tutor 2004 – present. High school and university level chemistry, including AP and IB.

Davidson College Adjunct Professor 2007-2018 General chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry courses/labs


Chemistry is studying and learning about the world around us. It offers a way to predict outcomes of different natural processes and to understand and use the matter all around us. We need to know how many kilograms of product a reaction will produce or how much energy is released during a fission reaction.

I think a good chemistry course should have two main parts – theoretical and experimental. The theoretical portion of this course you will find in the textbook with plenty of worked examples and practice problems. The experimental portion is the lab work where you can put into practice at home the concepts you have learned.

I truly love chemistry and want others to appreciate its wonder and awesomeness! Chemistry classes are often seen as frustrating and/or impossible. While I cannot promise a frustration or challenge free course, I will do my best to help all students succeed and prosper.

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