Switch guarantee

Whatever happens, our teachers are here for you! Even if regulations change again, we have several options available to make sure you succeed in your studies.

*You can find the different options in your student profile. You’ll also be contacted by a student advisor to discuss the matter further*

1. Change class time

You can choose to attend group classes at a different time. You’ll receive an e-mail with new starting dates and times to choose from. And any lessons you’ve already attended, you can attend again for free.

2. Choose a different location

When you’re changing the time, you can also change the location you attend classes at. Courses take place across several different campuses.

3. Give your spot to a friend

If your course schedule has been affected by changes and you can’t find a different time/ location that works for you, you can give your spot to a friend and transfer your registration fee to them. Your best friend, your brother or your aunt can take your place in class!

4. Choose a different course

Did your career plans – or plans for the future in general - change? Then just choose another course! You can also switch to a course in a different language.

5. Discover our virtual classes

We’re soon launching a new study method – one where you can attend classes from home via live video. This means you can take part in classes from any location you choose. Pretty convenient.