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Herbs & Flowers

Are you fascinated by natural and herbal medicine? Flowers and herbs contain important healing properties that are very popular to take care of yourself or others or to get rid of ailments. Discover all about the power of nature with an education from the sub-theme flowers and herbs.

Our teachers help you to understand everything down to the last detail so that you can really put your knowledge into practice. The courses are full of tips & tricks, exercises and extra learning materials, so you have everything you need to become an expert.

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Herbs & flowers


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Natural therapies and treatments are becoming more and more popular. A lot of people want to take their own health into their own hands and also a lot of professionals are using more and more alternative means to improve the health of their clients. Flowers and plants are also an effective means. With a course from the subtheme flowers and herbs you can start working as a therapist at a wellness center, as an advisor at a herbal store, as a health consultant or as an alternative therapist. With a diploma you show that you have the necessary professional qualities to start a professional career.

"With simple natural remedies you can achieve great results. Many people still have a false image of natural medicine. Natural remedies work differently in comparison to regular medicine. They activate the body's own regulatory processes and restore health. They are also becoming more and more popular nowadays. Definitely a must!" - employerSpeaks

Herbs & flowers


Many people today believe that traditional medicine does not always provide all the necessary answers. Meanwhile, we already know a lot about the human body and realize all the more that our health does not only depend on our diet and exercise. The amount of stress and general satisfaction in our lives also play a very important role. That is why natural therapies are becoming more important and popular.

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Regular medicine does great things. However, more safe and effective herbal remedies can help you as well. People are discovering a variety of remedies that can help people physically as well as mentally. Developments are in full swing!

"I always wanted to make essential oils myself. That is why I followed a course in naturopathy at the Centre for Distance Learning. I could easily combine the course with my other activities and there was a lot of flexibility. The teacher was always there for me to answer questions. I am very satisfied! Highly recommended!" - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


"These courses are certainly helpful if you are interested in natural therapies. You will get new insights into healthy nutrition, life patterns, massage techniques, crystal therapy, aromatherapy and so much more! It’s ideal to expand your current offer. Any prior knowledge is great, but is absolutely not necessary!"


  • Agrimony is composed of 2 Greek words. "agros" is field and "monas" is lonely. Hence it is the plant of loneliness. A versatile plant, with different properties that support a healthy lifestyle.
  • Remedies containing Aloe Vera almost always have a healing effect.
  • There is now enough scientific evidence that herbs have a medicinal effect.
  • Many herbs nourish and repair the systems of the body and our internal organs.