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Alternative nutrition

Healthy food is the ultimate hype today and it also has a lot of advantages! Everybody on the internet is pretending to be an expert these days, but which food is really good for your body? How do you help yourself and your customers to a healthier and happier life? How do you bring more balance in your diet? With an education from the subtheme alternative nutrition you will learn all about it!

Discover what your body really needs in terms of nutrients and immerse yourself in various courses such as herbalist, nutritionist, Chinese nutrition, gemmotherapy, natural nutrition and more!

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If you want to eat healthier and sustainable food these days, you don't have to look far or hurt your wallet. Alternative food is hot! More and more people want to change their diet more consciously. On completion of your education, you will start working as a consultant in alternative nutrition, independent nutritionist, as a nutrition coach or as an employee in a fitness center or nature store. With a diploma you demonstrate that you immediately have the necessary professional skills to get off to a professional start.

"A nutritionist must have a fairly broad knowledge of alternative nutrition in order to be able to give targeted advice to customers. Nowadays you can find a web of information on the internet in which many things contradict each other. When someone presents a diploma from your school, we know they have the essential knowledge." - employerSpeaks

Alternative nutrition


Today we see the concept of 'flexitarians' coming back more and more. These are people who eat less meat within our Western society. Since the beginning of this century these people consciously choose not to eat meat a few days a week. Almost all major food distributors in Europe and North America now sell organic food under their private labels and it is expected that these chains will continue to gain market share.

Alternative nutrition, hundredPercentOfTheTime

Solutions for problems such as overpopulation and environmental pollution related to food production are being sought nowadays. They are currently working on the production of cultured meat. This is meat that is produced in a lab and is based on the stem cells of animals. So it is not real meat, but a vegetable substitute. In order to improve the traceability of food products, scientists are working on a kind of genetic 'fingerprint' that allows the origin of a product to be traced in just a few minutes.

"I followed the training alternative nutritionist at your school. I am very satisfied with it myself! The teacher was very friendly and always ready to help me. I learned a lot more about the body's energy needs, but also about the nutrients that contribute to this." - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


"Do you have a certain intolerance, do you want to improve your diet or that of others? Or are you just interested in alternative food? Then these courses are ideal for you! For these courses you need absolutely no prior knowledge. The teachers are all professional experts who are eager to guide you. We make sure that everyone is satisfied"


  • Millennials are already among the most enthusiastic buyers of sustainable and organic products
  • More sustainable food companies are expected to be taken over by large multinationals.
  • Carbohydrates and fats do not necessarily make you fat. A balanced diet of fats, carbohydrates and other nutrients can even make you lose weight.
  • You may become addicted to junk food. Scientists involved in nutrition can produce food that causes our brain to be flooded with dopamine - the happy hormone.