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Don't you really feel that general medicine offers a solution for your pain? Do you want to help your body or others move forward in a natural way? Then learn to rebalance your body with a natural massage. With a training from this subtheme you will learn all the techniques to let these healing methods prove their power. Bring your clients or yourself back to rest and contemplation and register!

You'll learn all about alternative massages. Our teachers will help you to understand everything down to the last detail so that you can really put your knowledge into practice. The courses are full of tips & tricks, exercises and extra teaching material, so you'll have everything you need to become an expert.

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The demand for masseurs is on the rise. People are always looking for methods to relieve their pain, or just to de-stress and relax. They don't want to rely on pills or doctors all the time. People are looking for methods that are tried and tested and that have an immediate effect. A massage from a professional is the answer to all those questions. Nowadays, natural massages are very in demand in and they are unique in their kind. Natural therapies such as ayurvedic massage or shiatsu massage relieve pain and boost your energy levels. It's happiness in its purest form. These trainings are ideal for you to increase your services as a therapist or to work independently. Are you interested in alternative massage techniques? These courses are the ideal start for you! Moreover, your diploma exponentially increases your chances on the job market. You show that you have in-depth knowledge and are immediately ready to start working professionally.

"As a sector we know that many people give massages without having received the right training. Those people often do a lot of damage. But students from your school, everyone is satisfied with that. They have knowledge and skills. They have a perfect grasp of all the techniques and can start as fully fledged independent masseurs." - employerSpeaks

Alternative massage


More and more people are convinced that natural massages and Oriental techniques can prove their power to keep a healthier balance between mind and body. These functional massages relieve specific pain points, but above all contribute to a more comfortable life. Massage is the largest wellness service in most western countries. According to some studies, the industry would even grow by about 20 percent over the next ten years. This makes it a thriving sector that offers you a lot of job security.

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Though the basis of many massage techniques goes back centuries, a lot has changed in the massage sector. For example, massage chairs have been becoming more popular with the general public. Recently, you'll find unique, innovative massage chairs on the market that feel very natural and even more relaxing. They contain special comfort gel that contains a unique technology that makes massages feel even more natural. Also the oils are getting better and more specific. There are oils that are specially designed to make your customers relax, give energy, loosen muscles or fight pain and awaken all the senses.

If you want to a course that you can easily combine with your social and work life, these courses are definitely recommended! - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


The training courses are ideal for anyone who wants to start working in the field right away. These massage techniques are a nice addition to modern Western medicine. Would you like to work independently or expand your current range? Then be sure to register! Our teachers are happy to share their knowledge, so you can immediately get to work and stand next to your colleagues.


  • Our skin is our largest organ. So a masseur has a lot of impact on our health.
  • Massage is perhaps the oldest form of medical care. Also in ancient Egypt they gave massages to relieve pain and heal people.
  • Eastern techniques want bring the whole person back into balance: physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • When using a massage oil, it is especially important that it contains natural ingredients.