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If you want to survive – and thrive – in this digital age we live in, you need to be comfortable using various kinds of specialized software to its full potential. The good news? Computer literacy is a skill like any other. A skill we can teach you. Take a look at our Computer Skills courses and pick the direction you’d like to grow in. Our expert teachers are happy to guide you on your way, and answer any questions you may have. Our unique study approach combines theory with practical exercises to ensure you can put your knowledge to use as soon as you need it. And as soon as you graduate, your efforts are rewarded with a diploma with your name on it. Explore our course variety and get started today!

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These courses will ensure that you have a solid basic knowledge of computers. This is essential for numerous professions and enormously useful in everyday life. You can further expand your computer skills or use your knowledge to get a job in many companies, for example as an administrative assistant.

Nowadays it is crucial if you want to find a good job that you can work well with computers. You don't have to be a professional, of course. A course in Word or Excel can do wonders. - employerSpeaks


Nearly 4.57 billion people actively use the Internet, which is about 59% of the world's population. Northern Europe leads the way, where 95% of the population uses the Internet. The largest number of Internet users is in Asia. There, more than 2 billion people surf the worldwide web every month. North Korea is the other end; there, virtually no one is on the Internet.

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One of the rising trends of recent years has been the ever-improving artificial intelligence. Already we come into daily contact with systems controlled by AI. When we take the plane, the pilot only flies for 7 minutes himself, the rest is done automatically. Google Maps sends you along the shortest and fastest route thanks to artificial intelligence. Spotify recommends songs based on what you've listened to before, thanks to AI. Even when you google something, AI is involved. The technology behind these systems is becoming more sophisticated. We’re all curious to see where that goes!

Because I had never learned how to work with computers, I decided two years ago that it was time to educate myself. I took the courses touch typing, Outlook and Word. This way I learned to type quickly and efficiently and I can perfectly handle Word and Outlook. Thanks to those courses, I have enough basic knowledge to learn to use any other computer program quickly. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


If you are not yet proficient with computers or a particular computer program, then these courses are perfect for you. You don't need any previous knowledge and the material is very clear. The teachers are always ready to help when you get stuck. Highly recommended!


  • 80% of the mails sent daily are spam.
  • The three most common passwords are 123456, 12345 and password. So it's best to choose something else!
  • More than 6000 new computer viruses are developed every month. That's about 200 per day!
  • A professional typist who types all day long travels more than 15 km per day with his hands.