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Real estate design & styling

Interior Design

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The housing market provides security. People keep building and renovating, but above all also buying and selling. Real estate agents need to distinguish themselves with a very similar product. Interior specialists are the solution! With a diploma from our school you show your customers or future employer that you have in-depth knowledge and are immediately ready to start professionally. It looks great on your resume and you can also work with it independently. In this way you increase your chances on the labor market and at the same time succeed in creating new opportunities for yourself.

Someone who has followed an interior design course in evening or distance education is always an added value for us as a real estate office. These are people who know what is possible and what is not. They can see the possibilities of their own home and have a realistic picture of what our customers want. - employerSpeaks

Real estate design & styling


More and more people are looking for professionals who can turn any house into a home. They want experts with a sense of style who can connect people with homes. You can be that expert. A diploma as an expert in interior therefore brings a lot of job security. People are looking for your knowledge and your approach. You thus become an indispensable link in any real estate project. And that in employment or simply as a self-employed person. Ready to go?

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Interior design and design is always subject to new trends. In other words, it is a job that never stops. The internet, television and magazines have a major influence on your potential customers. But social media still comes first. Influencers increasingly determine what is hip and what is not.

When we first bought a house, we didn't know where to start. Calling in a designer soon proved too expensive. We thought we could just as well learn interior design ourselves. The course was a lot cheaper than paying someone yourself. Moreover, we now have all the knowledge to do what we want. It is an investment in ourselves, the future and in our new home. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


We notice that a diploma in real estate and specifically in interior design gives many people the confidence to get started themselves. It gives them the knowledge and know how to sell smoothly. This training is ideal for anyone who wants to start or lead a renovation. You will acquire a lot of knowledge, so that you can immediately start working in your own home or that of someone else.


  • Interior design has been around since prehistoric times. Ever since man left his nomadic existence, he chose to decorate his home.
  • Interior trends differ not only per era, but also per place. For example, the trends in Mexico are different from those in Iceland.
  • Painting is by far the most popular renovation project. About half of the homeowners regularly paint their property.
  • There are homes that consist entirely of plastic.
  • Windows and light ensure that residents are usually happier and also healthier. This is evident from various studies.