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Professional yoga

Do you like to do yoga and do you want to learn how to teach yoga yourself? Then take a look at our Professional Yoga offer. We ensure that you know and are able to do everything you need to teach people yoga yourself. In the Yoga Instructor course you will learn how to regain your inner peace and how to share that knowledge with others. Get to know the most important yoga exercises, discover the do's and don'ts and learn to control your body, mind and feelings. During this practical training you will learn everything about the spiritual background of yoga and walk outside with a relaxed feeling ! Ashtanga Yoga focuses on the power and the energy that flows within you. It is a kind of dancing form of yoga, with elegant and fluid movements. You learn to use the energy optimally during the lessons to perform the sequences. This yoga form brings a lot of satisfaction to the body and mind. After a session you feel as if you were reborn and have more room to think and develop yourself further. Yoga is also perfect for children. Not only are they flexible by nature, they also enjoy yoga, learn to unwind unconsciously, and get all the benefits of physical and physical rest. You cannot therefore start learning early enough. You will learn all about it in the Children's Yoga Instructor course.

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As a Yoga instructor you can work at a fitness center, yoga studio or as a self-employed person.

At our yoga studio we regularly recruit new teachers to give professional yoga classes. It is always a plus if they have an evening or distance learning diploma. Then we are sure that they are up to date with the latest trends and have enough practical knowledge. - employerSpeaks

Professional yoga


Online yoga is gaining popularity. The big advantage is that people don't all have to come together to one place to do yoga. They can take yoga classes from home, either live sessions at fixed times or recorded videos that they can follow whenever they want. That flexibility is extremely useful in today's busy society.

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More and more variations are being designed on existing yoga types. Nowadays you have the craziest combinations such as yoga with kids, on a horse, on a surfboard, on a slackline, while you laugh, while you walk or while you drink beer. Whether each variant actually offers an advantage remains to be seen. But at least they are fun and original!

I took the Yoga Instructor course last year. Thanks to that course I know perfectly how to perform the different yoga techniques myself and how to teach others. Because the course is so practical, I was able to get started right away and start teaching yoga. Well worth it! - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


People often ask if they need to know a lot about yoga for our Yoga Instructor courses or if they need to fully master the techniques. That is certainly not required for these courses. If you like to do yoga and have a lot of motivation, then that is more than enough. You will learn the rest in the course, from the basics to the advanced details.


  • About 72% of the people who do yoga are women.
  • There are over 100 different styles of yoga.
  • Yoga is more than 5000 years old. It is one of the oldest disciplines in the world.
  • It is considered one of the most successful products of globalization.
  • Doing yoga twice a week reduces depression and stress.