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Sports care

Top sport is inevitably accompanied by physical difficulties. In our Sports Care courses you will learn how to effectively solve those problems and get started as a coach. By learning everything about anatomy, physiology, rehabilitation and taping you have a broad medical knowledge that enables you to help top athletes of all levels. This way you ensure that they can avoid injuries, you make every rehabilitation a breeze. Register now and help top athletes and athletes in need soon.

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Sports care

Sports Coach

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Start a job as Sports Coaching and conquer the business world with your skills.


Sports care

Sports Nutrition Advisor

Sports Nutrition Advisor, cpProfessionWithFuture

Get the certificate you need to build a career as a professional sports nutrition advisor.



With a diploma in Sports Care you can start as a self-employed person, at a sports club or a fitness center. Depending on your specialization and preference, you guide young people, adults, top athletes, recreational athletes, cyclists, bodybuilders, entire teams or an individual athlete.

Sports care is an essential part of the sports sector. At our fitness center we have a few regular carers who help our customers when they have physical complaints. When we hire someone new, a diploma from this school is always proof that they are knowledgeable and will be a good asset. - employerSpeaks

Sports care


Thanks to certain apps and accessories such as smartwatches, it is now easy to keep track of how the body reacts to a workout or training session. You can easily track your heart rate, number of steps, endurance, speed and more. This way you can identify your work points and keep track of your progress.

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As in every aspect of life, technology has an important place in the sports world today. There are numerous apps that keep track of your sports performance or with which you can set up sports schedules. It is certainly worthwhile to delve into the apps and test which ones work well for you.

In high school, physical education and biology were my two favorite subjects. It goes without saying that I would do something in the sports sector. I decided to follow some courses on Sports Care. After graduating I started working at a fitness center. For me this is really a dream job; every day is different and I constantly work with people who are as passionate about sports as I am. It's awesome! - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


All our sports courses are very popular nowadays. People are increasingly attaching importance to their physical health. As a result, there is a need for well-trained counselors who can provide specialized advice. Thanks to our courses, everyone can fully commit to professional training and making it in the sports care sector.


  • Exercise has many positive effects on the body. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, maintains weight, lowers blood pressure, makes people more powerful, more flexible and reduces stress.
  • However, it is important to exercise correctly, and when physical problems and injuries do occur, they must be treated quickly and efficiently. Otherwise, permanent injuries may occur.