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Are you passionate about the beauty sector and do you want to start as a beautician? Then choose one of these practice-oriented courses and obtain your valuable diploma in no time. Want to learn everything in one go? Then go for the all-round training and become an expert!

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If you are someone who likes to accentuate natural beauty and likes to pamper others, then you have definitely come to the right place in this sector! With a training from the theme of beautician, you will have all the skills to fulfill your dream job in a beauty salon or wellness center in no time. You will be the perfect person to start working as an employee in a beauty salon or health center. Would you rather start as an independent expert? These courses will prepare you to perfection!

Being a beautician gives you so many options and opens up your future to many exciting opportunities. As a master of beauty, you can choose to specialize in one area but if you can’t decide, or change your mind, you can go in any direction. - employerSpeaks



In this age of social media, make-up and beauty have become a booming business. Make-up has become an art form, that anybody can use to express themselves! It has opened up a whole new community where people share their looks and get inspired to be creative!

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Beauty gurus online are leading the make-up industry to new heights. People go to them for advice on what to buy, on what’s hot, on what’s trendy. Even celebrities want in on this booming industry by creating makeup lines themselves. This sector continues to be more profitable than ever.

Being a beautician is a multi-faceted career, from hair to skin to make-up, they are experts in all things beauty. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


Do you want to increase your range of treatments with the latest techniques? Or do you dream of a career in beauty? Then you've come to the right place! We invest a great deal of time and effort in a completely up-to-date course offering. You can come to us for both the classic beauty courses and the more advanced!


  • Tip : it’s essential to prime your skin to prepare it for make-up. You can do this by using a primer or moisturize.
  • It’s important to know your skin type, because then you know what kind of skin care or make-up products are suitable for you to use and won’t cause irritation.
  • You should be using SPF, young or old. Sun damage effects people of all ages!
  • The beauty industry is worth billions of dollars, and it keeps on growing.