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Elderly therapy

As we age, we encounter a whole new set of problems. What are the issues that come with aging and how do people deal with them? How do we continue enjoying life? Learn the answers to these questions and more here!

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Average life duration keeps rising - and we're quickly realizing that the elderly could sometimes need mental support. The longer we live, the lonelier we start to feel with age. You, in your psychology expert capacity, can make a difference. Ready to guide seniors toward a happy life? When you graduate from a Coursle course, you do so with a professional diploma with your name on it. That's proof of your hard work and motivation - and proof that you defended your knowledge in our competitive exam. Your new certificate is a valuable tool on your path to success.

In our retirement home, we've started suggesting to new employees that they take an online course. We noticed that our residents need the extra support and the families are appreciative of us going the extra mile. It does also make work easier - we can recognize issues and respond to them effectively. - employerSpeaks


Senior counseling is on the rise. The taboo surrounding mental health is dwindling, and everyone - including older generations - feels free to talk about it. Increased life expectancy means we want to spend out years happy and healthy. Older people are turning to coaches and therapists for help overcoming challenges, dealing with loss or isolation.

Elderly therapy, hundredPercentOfTheTime

There are mental health apps and websites out there, but they're mostly catered toward younger people. The elderly often need a real conversation, especially considering that isolation is often a major factor in their mental health struggle.

I've been getting more patients in their 60-s and above. I'm not that experienced with elderly patients, so I decided to take a quick course online and build up my skills. I think every therapist should do that every once in a while. You learn new things, you get better at your job and gain confidence in your abilities. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


The number of psychology experts taking these courses to connect with and help a new group of patients is inspiring, but not surprising. What's surprising is the number of families attending these courses. People want more insight into their parents' and grandparents' lives and struggles. These courses give families the tools they need to deal with old age and the troubles that come with it.


  • 15% of the world's population over 60 struggles with a mental disorder
  • Mental health care remains essential throughout our life
  • The older you get, the more often you need to deal with loss. The right therapist can be an invaluable pillar of support during those times