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Are you interested in sports? Do you want to help athletes reach their full potential? These courses are perfect for you.

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Sport Psychology

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Learn all you need to know to become a Mental Coach! Get your quality degree here!



It's like top athletes are from another planet. They can push their bodies to the human limit time and time again. Discover the secret to peak human performance with our sport psychology courses! When you graduate from our courses, you do so with a professional diploma with your name on it. That's proof of your hard work and motivation - and proof that you defended your knowledge in our competitive exam. Your new certificate is a valuable tool on your path to success.

As a football coach and player, I've always loved sports. I've been playing all my life, and I know from experience just how much hard work good athletes put into their sport. Of course, no matter what you do, you can't always win - and that can be hard to swallow. That's where our team's mental coach really shines. He got certified online before joining us- and since he did, the players' spirit has gone up and we've managed to learn more from our losses instead of dwelling on them. - employerSpeaks


Athletes and coaches alike are turning to technology to master more complex mindfulness and motivational techniques. While these apps are a great tool for novice athletes, they can't compete with targeted assistance from a genuine psychology expert. A sport psychology education is a huge asset for every athlete or coach. You'll master proven training methods, learn valuable tips and tricks and find out how to coach every athlete to the top.

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It's getting easier to accurately test an athlete's psychological resilience. Psychologists have a large array of tools at their disposal - but the basics haven't changed. Sports psychology starts from the foundation of general and applied psychology. Sports psychologists are psychology experts who specialize in helping athletes. Over the years, they develop techniques and specialize - which means different coaches can be the right fit for different athletes.

As a basketball coach, I know how important mental resilience is. My players' parents are also painfully aware of that. I decided to take an online course, because I see the potential my kids have and I want to foster that. The course made me realize that not every player requires the same approach. By now, I've learned to motivate everyone in my team and keep them going even if things go wrong. Our winning percentage has gone up, so has our overall spirit. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


It's no surprise that coaches and athletes are interested in these courses. What's surprising is the number of parents that are signing up. They're usually parents of an athlete trying to help their child. Like all our courses, these are prepared by a professional with proven industry experience, which means you'll be getting valuable knowledge and insights in a digestible manner.


  • Many sports matches are decided before they start. Getting in the right headspace is one of the most important things you can do as an athlete
  • Most athletes rely on a professional coach. Olympic performers even bring a personal psychologist to the games
  • Sports psychology is about more than just motivation. Like in everything else, everyone's mental preparation has strengths to focus on and weaknesses to address