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Increasing confidence

Being more confident has been proven to be beneficial for your work performance, career trajectory and overall quality of life. Do you want to improve your self-image, become more assertive and start projecting confidence? Sign up and find out how being more confident can change your daily life.

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Interviewers respond to confidence. Being confident can help you get into your dream company, stand up for yourself in conversation and generally change the way people perceive you. A Coursle diploma is a testament to your dedication and expertise in your chosen field. It’s proof that you worked hard, achieved your goals and defended your knowledge in our selective exam. It’s a great way to strengthen your resume and make yourself stand out on the independent job market.

I’ve never really been an assertive person – but when I was suddenly promoted and found myself responsible for an entire team, I didn’t have much of a choice. I decided to try a confidence training program, hoping it would help get me more respect from my team. It worked. People look up to me now. I have a voice at work – a voice others listen to. If you ever want to lead people, or be taken more seriously, I can’t recommend this enough. - employerSpeaks


With recent revelations shining a light on the importance of confidence in day-to-day life, many people are looking for ways to work on that and get ahead in life. Personally, socially, professionally, romantically – being more confident can affect all areas of your life. Time to find out what life can really be like. All our teachers are handpicked experienced professionals. They’ll share time-tested mental exercises and techniques to help you find – and keep – your inner confidence.

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Social skills are timeless – while there are people, we’ll need to get along. With that said, the way we communicate does evolve. Even in a professional capacity, the significance of soft skills is getting more recognition. Employers are acknowledging the fact that they need the right fit for their team – both in terms of skillset and personality. The good news is that it’s possible to work on improving yourself. By applying select science-based techniques and methods, you can improve your self-confidence, become more assertive, even get better at communication.

I’ve always found mental health coaching and mindfulness practices fascinating. A year ago, I finally decided to explore that world further. I quickly ended up at one of Coursle’s programs – and I liked the course so much I decided to start my own coaching practice. It’s been a full year, and I’m still learning new things every day. I’m also doing what I always wanted to – I’m helping people. If you want to coach others, help people, or just understand mental health better, these courses will help. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


Demand for confident professionals, and for trained mental health coaches, remains high. Large companies require that many different people work together – and that requires both healthy communication and a certain degree of coaching.


  • A positive work culture has been proven to increase productivity while reducing turnover
  • Body languages can do three things. It can replace verbal communication, reinforce speech, or reveal something you’d rather keep hidden.
  • The first book on body language is more than 350 years old.
  • Assertiveness does more than reinforce your point of view. It helps you overcome stress and anxiety.
  • Different people are motivated by different things. Some employees want a high salary, some want to build a career, and some are aiming for a good work-life balance