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Increasing productivity

Find out how to be more effective, manage your time better and improve your results – at work and anything else you put your mind to. Become a better entrepreneur, a more valuable employee or a more respected manager. Get started today!

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Whatever your occupation, productivity and good time management are essential skills for any modern professional, and qualities every company values in its employees. Luckily, they’re skills you can learn. Improve your work performance and become a more valuable candidate on the job market today! A Coursle diploma is a testament to your dedication and expertise in your chosen field. It’s proof that you worked hard, achieved your goals and defended your knowledge in our selective exam. It’s a great way to strengthen your resume and make yourself stand out on the independent job market.

A few years ago, one of our managers took the Productivity online course. Since then, it has become a mandatory part of our onboarding process. In just a day, new managers learn to plan their workdays and manage their team’s hours. Skills that pay for themselves twentyfold in the first year alone. So if you’re asking me if I think the courses are worth it, definitely. Just give them a try, and do it today. You’ll thank yourself later. - employerSpeaks


Productivity has always been important – but with life becoming more intense, being consistently productive is more important than ever. The modern professional needs to be able to effectively divide their attention between different tasks and achieve them quickly. The necessity for good time and priority control only increases once one reaches a management position. It’s important for a good manager to efficiently distribute tasks among the best people for the job. Being a certified productivity and time management expert is a surefire way to keep your resume on top of the pile.

Increasing productivity, hundredPercentOfTheTime

With the advancement of technology, many apps and services exist that help professionals control their time, manage their teams and sort their priorities. And while those programs do help, they’re usually built for the widest possible audience – which means they often fall short in satisfying a company’s specific needs. But a solution does exist. The combination of the right tools in the hands of a trained expert can improve a team’s productivity and ensure a better work-life balance for a modern company’s staff. It’s a great way to boost your sales while retaining trusted employees.

When you first start freelancing, it’s amazing. You’re standing on your own two feet, you’re doing what you’ve always wanted and there’s no boss breathing down your neck. But there’s also no boss breathing down your neck. I quickly realized I lacked structure. I had to push myself to get things done, and some tasks simply kept falling out of my agenda. A Time Management program helped me with that. I mostly studied in the evenings, after my work for the day was done – and the things I learned brought peace to my days. I’m still my own boss. But now I’m also the boss of my time and schedule. I get my work done in time, and I even have time left for friends and family. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


As a study advisor, I’m going to be honest. Any member of the workforce can take these courses and see an almost immediate improvement in their day-to-day performance and their reviews at work. I notice most people nowadays feel like they just don’t have enough hours in a day to do everything they need to. These courses exist to disprove that idea. You’ll learn to organize your time, draw up schedules and stick to them. You’ll get more out of your day – more out of work, and more out of your free time. These courses genuinely are for everyone, and I promise anyone can use them to improve their quality of life.


  • According to research, people use an average of 10 different methods when trying to stick to a set schedule. That process can be narrowed down and improved upon.
  • Spending 10-12 minutes a day planning can save the average entrepreneur up to 2 hours daily. Knowing what you need to do, and planning for it, increases your productivity
  • Most people are most productive between 8.30 AM and noon. Keep that in mind when making your schedule for the day
  • According to some studies, 80% of workers dread coming to work Monday. And that percentage drops daily all the way up to Friday
  • On average, we get interrupted by something every 8 minutes, and interruptions usually last around 5 minutes. That’s 3 hours of wasted time a day.