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As we learn more about the human mind, behavioral disorders are getting the attention they deserve. We’re better than ever at recognizing unhealthy behavior – which means people are more likely to look for help addressing it. Thanks to our improved understanding, we’re also better at tackling the issue – a properly trained coach or therapist can be the hero helping people live a happy life. And you can be that coach. Our teachers are select mental health professionals eager to share their expertise with you. Our unique approach to education uses a combination of theory and practical exercises to guarantee you effectively retain the knowledge you gain. And as soon as you graduate, you can earn a recognized diploma with your name on it, and use it as proof of your knowledge and professional competence.  

The only family coach we’ve ever met with to was an autism and ADHD specialist. Her patient support and her help let us connect with my son in ways we never managed to before. Words can’t describe the gratitude we feel. She changed our entire family’s lives. - employerSpeaks


Mental and behavioral disorders are getting more recognition than ever. People are talking about it and openly seeking help if they need it. Thanks to our increased understanding of the mind, we keep discovering new ways to recognize and approach different conditions. This is where behavior coaches and therapists shine. They’re the bridge between sophisticated new scientific advancements - and the increasing number of normal, untrained people looking for help with their situation.

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New ways to recognize and treat problem behaviors are discovered every day. The mental health world keeps changing and evolving. Online courses are a reliable way to keep up and stay relevant without sacrificing too much of your free time. You’ll stay informed on the latest techniques in the field and maintain your solid skill and knowledge foundation.  

When you’ve been a mental health coach for as long as I have, you realize you never really stop learning. For example, the first time I got a married couple who couldn’t connect with their kid, I wasn’t sure what to do. I hadn’t encountered that specific issue before. So I ended up taking a class online to fill any gaps in my knowledge. Not only did I manage to help that couple, I brushed up on several techniques and even learned about a few new developments in behavioral psychology. Online courses are a great way to stay competitive in your field. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


Our mental health coaching courses are among our most desired programs. We’ve noticed a surprising amount of people are interested in discovering more about the human condition. Some students are trying to become coaches and therapists, while others are trying to understand themselves and the people around them better. We’ve designed our courses in a way that makes sure everyone can achieve their goal.  


  • Did you know that being in a good relationship actually makes you healthier? It lowers your heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels
  • There are more than 53,000 active therapists in the world right now
  • According to research, over 98% of clients reported positive results after meeting with a therapist