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Advanced nails

Are you a real nail specialist? Do you want to help your customers with beautiful, well-groomed and especially strong nails? Nails that last longer and really make them shine? Nails that are special and really stand out? Follow one of our practice-oriented courses that focus on the beautiful art of nail styling! Choose from our fantastic home courses, virtual lessons, and group courses and become a professional!

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As a gel nail specialist you know how to make your customers shine. You manage to create the most beautiful nail art and thus attract new customers. With your diploma you can get started in a beauty salon, or as an independent nail/ gel artist. With a diploma from our school you show your customers or future employer that you have in-depth knowledge and are immediately ready to start professionally.

Training is necessary. All too often we see that people try to start as a nail artist, but that does not work without a theoretical and practical basis. Anyone who wants to start with us must be able to demonstrate his knowledge on paper. In that sense, the training you receive here is more than a good basis. For us it is a huge reassurance. - employerSpeaks

Advanced nails


Gel nails are completely in. Whether you want to start a nail salon or become a home nail stylist: a course from this theme offers you numerous (new) customers. Anyone who works as a nail artist must keep up to date with the latest nail trends. That way you always steal the show! For example, The French Manicure is extremely hot! It’s a popular 90s trend with an alternative twist. Have you also heard of the metallic nails? This trend is suitable for all seasons and gives a special touch to your nails.

Advanced nails, hundredPercentOfTheTime

Trends and developments are in full swing and the speed of innovations will only increase. The emergence of semi-permanent nail polish, nail polish that lasts longer, has led to many new developments in nail styling. This also applies to permanent nail gels: Today there are many new, innovative gels, tools and gel techniques available for nail salons to work with.

About a year ago I completed my evening classes. Now I earn almost as much with nails as I do at my normal work. It is a great addition to my salary and also an ideal creative outlet. I definitely recommend these courses. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


Well-groomed hands and nails are a real eye-catcher. Nail artists satisfy that demand. Moreover, the demand for beautiful nails is increasing year after year. People want to look well taken care of. Our nails also are often the first thing we have done!


  • Fingernails grow on average 3.5 millimeters per month.
  • Nails grow faster in men.
  • Nails are made from the same material as hair
  • Your nails should "breathe" between two manicures .