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Beauty treatments have been incredibly popular for years. Nowadays, women and men are increasingly finding their way to a specialist. To you. Everyone is looking for better, healthier and tighter skin. The demand for facelifts in particular is increasing year after year. Sign up now and offer your customers a bright future. With a diploma from our school you show your clients or future employer that you have in-depth knowledge and are immediately ready to start working professionally. It will look nice on your resume and you will be able to work with it on your own. In this way you increase your chances on the job market and at the same time you succeed in creating new opportunities for yourself.

In our wellness clinic, all our employees have been trained at a Beauty School. You can see that. They are all professional experts who immediately master the practice. They carry out the treatments perfectly and succeed in putting customers at ease. If you want to start a career in the beauty sector, you need to follow a training course here. - employerSpeaks



Wanting to look younger has always been a major trend. More and more people are finding their way to a beautician. They themselves choose a treatment in which they seem to go back in time a few years. Looking younger often equals success for them. A facelift is often the way to achieve that. A diploma as an expert in skin care brings you a lot of job security. Your customer base grows year after year and the trends play to your advantage. Your clients have more, are more diverse and want more and more specific treatments. We teach you that knowledge and skills. Ready to get started?

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Sustainability has also found its way into the medical and cosmetic sector. And that actually only benefits your skin. The products you use today are more natural and durable than ever. They contain fewer chemicals and usually more natural elements. In the care sector, there is a very active pursuit of a minimalist approach. With fewer products and a simple routine we succeed in keeping your skin younger and more resilient.

I have been giving professional massages since 2014. I am fascinated by the skin. I had already heard of connective tissue massages that not only leave the skin healthier, but also tighter. So I decided to specialize in it through taking evening classes. The teacher was, like me, someone with years of experience and he explained everything in detail. He also regularly came to check our technique and adjust it where necessary. I am very satisfied with this training. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


All of these trainings will help you find your way in beauty care. You'll learn everything from A to Z. The professional students are carefully chosen and are some of the absolute top in their field. You'll learn to do everything yourself immediately so that you can even start working as a secondary or main professional immediately after your course. If you want a career in the medical or cosmetic sector, I can only say one thing: follow these courses. They will give you an unprecedented boost.


  • Beauty is not only subjective. It is culture bound. Every country has its own ideals of beauty.
  • Laser hair removal - originally intended for women - is increasingly finding its way to men. For example, facial hair, or hair on the back or shoulders, is more often permanently removed.
  • You can lose weight from a massage. There are massage techniques that tighten your skin and improve your metabolism.
  • The fastest growing target group for manicure and pedicure treatments in the last few years has been men. More and more men are finding their way to the beautician.