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Spiritual massage

Are you a spiritual person? And do you also have a passion for massage? Then immerse yourself in spiritual massages. Register here and learn the tricks of the trade.

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The demand for masseurs is on the rise. People are always looking for proven ways to de-stress and relax. And they reach for pills or doctors less and less often nowadays. People are looking for methods that have been tried and tested and that also have an immediate effect. A massage from a professional is the answer to all those questions. Your diploma also exponentially increases your chances on that labor market. You show that you have in-depth knowledge and are immediately ready to start professionally.

Masseurs who have followed an evening education course at your school are always great! As a sector, we know that many people give massages without having followed the proper training. Those people often do a lot of damage. But students from your school, everyone is satisfied with that. They have knowledge and skills. They master all techniques perfectly and can start as fully-fledged independent masseurs. - employerSpeaks

Spiritual massage


Massage is the largest wellness service in most Western countries.. In fact, according to some studies, the industry should grow by about 20 percent over the next ten years. This makes it a thriving sector that offers you a lot of job security.

Spiritual massage, hundredPercentOfTheTime

Although the basis of many massage techniques goes back centuries, a lot has changed in the massage sector. For example, massage chairs have reached the general public and massage oil and candles are also known to everyone. These oils are getting better and more specific. There are oils that are specially designed to relax your customers, to loosen muscles or to combat pain.

With many of these Eastern massage techniques, the spiritual aspect is very important. I was always drawn to that. I decided to learn more about evening classes. Now I offer my clients a much wider range of massages. I try to do more than relax their muscles. Their minds also have to calm down. This way my massages have the maximum effect. Every masseur can learn something from these courses. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


These courses are ideal for people who want to get started in practice right away. You learn new techniques in class and really try them out. Our courses are perfectly tailored to the work field. And our teachers are masseurs with a lot of experience, who know perfectly how to teach you all the techniques. In addition, in these lessons the spiritual aspect of massages is well explained, so that you can help your customers spiritually in addition to physically. p>


  • Our skin is our largest organ. A masseur therefore has a significant impact on our health.
  • Massage is perhaps the oldest form of medical care. Also in ancient Egypt they gave massages to relieve pain and heal people.
  • At least 1 in 4 people claim to have used massages to treat pain.
  • In addition to fighting pain, massages are also said to boost the immune system.