Online stores are on the rise. There’s growing demand for online shopping – and supply is rising to meet it. If you want to get in on that market niche and make a profit, you need to act now. The success of an online business depends on two things. You need to come up with an airtight strategy – and you need to implement it correctly. Our courses teach ambitious, motivated people how to successfully achieve their goals. You’ll find out how to enter the E-commerce niche and create a profitable business without making the most common mistakes new entrepreneurs make. Explore our E-commerce courses, pick the one that fits your goals and start your journey – before it’s too late!

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E-Marketing, cpProfessionWithFuture

Professional home study E-Marketing with online guidance from a leading expert.


SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist, cpProfessionWithFuture

Our homestudies are the perfect gateway to a new career as SEO Specialist.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing, cpProfessionWithFuture

Step by step you'll learn how to build a blog and attract more visitors.



The skills you’ll master during our E-Commerce course will help you reach more people with your products, see an increase in your sales and increase your business profits. Additionally, the diploma you’ll get upon graduation will serve as proof of your professional expertise. When added to your CV, it’s a great way to open the door of big companies you’d like to work at – or you can use it to start your own business and create new opportunities for yourself.

At our store, we realized we needed an online presence to bring more customers in. We tried just creating an Instagram page, but we quickly realized we didn’t really know what we were doing. So we had our employees take a quick online course and learn about e-commerce, then asked them to use what they learned. Soon enough, people were coming in asking about something they saw on our page. Sales have also gone up. At this point, we ask all new employees to learn about e-commerce when they start. It clearly helps. - employerSpeaks


Thanks to new technology, you have access to more sales channels than ever before. Your unprecedented ability to reach people means you can connect with your clients better than ever. 20% of all Sales currently happens online – and that number keeps growing. A good salesperson realizes this and uses technology to its full potential.

E-commerce, hundredPercentOfTheTime

The Internet has revolutionized the way we look at sales. Social media and online shops are at the top of the world right now, determining visibility and profits. With that said, the future isn’t set in stone. AI technology has the potential to make a significant impact. Also, putting tech aside, there’s a surprising number of people going back to old-school shopping and seeking the authenticity of personal contact. All in all, the sales world keeps shifting and changing. Successful salespeople keep an eye out for new market shifts and stay educated on latest techniques and methods.

Sometimes, I have trouble keeping up with the market. I’m not even that old, but everything keeps changing! New technology comes out and completely overhauls the way we do things. Discovering online courses was a gift from above. It’s an easy way for me to stay up to date – I can just do it in the evening, after work or before bed. I definitely recommend online learning for anyone trying to stay competitive in an evolving field. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


Whether you’re a salesperson looking to improve their success rate, or have a company and want to boost its profits, we have a course to help you achieve your goals. Our professional teachers will share expertise they’ve gained through their years in Sales. All of the soft skills you’ll master will also help you out in life. You’ll learn to understand people and connect with them, find out how to be more effective and convincing in your communication.


  • According to studies, by 2023, 25% of all sales will take part online
  • Being quick pays off. Between 35 and 50 percent of sales go to the first company that responded to the customer’s query
  • 89% of B2B clients use the Internet for research. Being visible online is paramount for profits.
  • A UK study shows that 3 in 4 shoppers go stress shopping after a hard day