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Commercial Techniques

Successful companies rely on advertising to bring in new clients and enhance their brand image. If you want to find out how advertisers do that – if you want to become one of those valued advertisers – then you’re in the right place. Explore our courses and pick the one that interests you. Discover various techniques used to connect with people, get in their heads and show them the value of your product. If you’re ready for a successful Advertising career, sign up today, get certified and get started!

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E-Marketing, cpProfessionWithFuture

Professional home study E-Marketing with online guidance from a leading expert.



Marketing, cpProfessionWithFuture

Study Marketing online and gain new and valuable skills.



A business grows by being noticed and bringing in new clients. And good marketing is what wins clients over. These courses will help you get your company noticed and improve your engagement numbers. You’ll also learn how reach your target clientele, be more effective and increase your sales. Additionally, the diploma you’ll get upon graduation will serve as proof of your professional expertise. When added to your CV, it’s a great way to open the door of big companies you’d like to work at – or you can use it to start your own business and create new opportunities for yourself.  

At our store, we realized we needed an online presence to bring more customers in. We tried just creating an Instagram page, but we quickly realized we didn’t really know what we were doing. So we had our employees take a quick online course and learn about e-commerce, then asked them to use what they learned. Soon enough, people were coming in asking about something they saw on our page. Sales have also gone up. At this point, we ask all new employees to learn about e-commerce when they start. It clearly helps.   - employerSpeaks


Thanks to new technology, you have access to more sales channels than ever before. Your unprecedented ability to reach people means you can connect with your clients better than ever. 20% of all Sales currently happens online – and that number keeps growing. A good salesperson realizes this and uses technology to its full potential.

Commercial Techniques, hundredPercentOfTheTime

The Internet has revolutionized the way we look at sales. Social media and online shops are at the top of the world right now, determining visibility and profits. With that said, the future isn’t set in stone. AI technology has the potential to make a significant impact. Also, putting tech aside, there’s a surprising number of people going back to old-school shopping and seeking the authenticity of personal contact. All in all, the sales world keeps shifting and changing. Successful salespeople keep an eye out for new market shifts and stay educated on latest techniques and methods.

I like my shop. I had fun creating it and I have fun running it every day. But it’s more than a hobby. That’s my livelihood – and I need to turn a profit in order to survive. Your course completely changed the way I look at things, and showed me how to fix a few things I didn’t even know I was doing wrong. My profits have gone up and my online store now sells almost as much as my brick and mortar location. The best thing? It’s almost completely automated, and does most of the work by itself. I never would’ve known how to do that without you. If anyone’s wondering if they need an online course, trust me: it helps.   - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


Whether you’re a salesperson looking to improve their success rate, or have a company and want to boost its profits, we have a course to help you achieve your goals. Our professional teachers will share the expertise they’ve gained through their years in Sales. All of the soft skills you’ll master will also help you out in life. You’ll learn to understand people and connect with them, find out how to be more effective and convincing in your communication.


  • According to studied, by 2023, 25% of all sales will take part online
  • Being quick pays off. Between 35  and 50 percent of sales go to the first company that responded to the customer’s query
  • 89% of B2B clients use the Internet for research. Being visible online is paramount for profits.
  • A UK study shows that 3 in 4 shoppers go stress shopping after a hard day