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Do you want to climb the ranks at your job or start a retail career? These courses are perfect for you. You'll learn the best practices in retail and communication and uncover the power of digital marketing and PR. Our approach to education uses a combination of theory and practical exercises to guarantee you'll effectively retain the knowledge you gain. And once you graduate, you can get a certificate with your name on it, and use it to pave your way in the business world

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Fast Food Management

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Gallery Owner

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In this Gallery Owner online course, you’ll get amazing practical training and tip



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Learn all you need to know to become a Insurance specialist! Sign up today!


Restaurant Owner

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Become a professional Cook, with the assistance of our teachers!



The skills you'll gain with these courses will tremendously increase your professional success. You'll find out how to reach new customers, draw attention to your products online and boost your sales. Do you want to start a retail career or set up your own business E-commerce sales are growing by the day, and the logistics side of online shopping should not be underestimated. A Coursle diploma with your name on it is proof of your professional knowledge and motivation - something that'll bring your CV to the top of the pile.

We know our store needs a social media presence, and most of our staff took online courses to prepare for that. The payoff is directly visible - many of our clients come in the store asking about something they saw on our Instagram, for example. - employerSpeaks


With the growth of social media, we have access to more marketing channels than ever. 20% of all sales now happen online - and that percentage keeps growing.

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The Internet has turned the business world upside down - and given it a huge boost at the same time. Social media dominates the market right now - but the future is far from certain. Despite the current level of digitalization, many people are reverting to the authenticity of interpersonal contact. The sales world is always changing - the best thing you can do to stay relevant is keep training and learning.

At this point, my online sales almost surpass the ones in my actual store. The best part? My online store does all the work for me. My customers are growing by the day. I'd recommend that everyone running a store take one of these courses. It's worth it! - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


The retail industry is facing a unique challenge. There's an enormous shift from offline to online channels, and the sector is forced to accommodate that without completely losing out on offline sales. It's definitely an interesting time to enter the industry. Ready to get started?


  • Last year, Amazon made over 258 billion USD from online sales
  • 9% of B2B clients use the Internet to research products they're about to buy. A strong online presence is imperative
  • According to British research, 3 out of 4 shoppers would go stress shopping after a bad day or week