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Digital transformation

The future is digital. Online presence can make or break a brand's image, boost sales and so much more. Online marketing campaigns are the key to all that. Polish your digital skills with a professional course today!

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Everything's going digital - and so should you. With digitalization on the rise, it might be a good idea to optimize your professional activities and learn to operate in a digital environment. Businesses are doing that, and they need qualified experts to help them do it. With a Digital diploma with your name on it, you can become one of those experts. 

Digitalization is an opportunity for companies to get ahead of the competition. In any industry, the correct utilization of digital tools can boost sales and greatly optimize the return of marketing investments.  - employerSpeaks


Digital is the new normal. Advancements in technology have had an enormous impact on companies large and small across all industries. Recent studies show that digitization is between 60 and 80% in most modern companies - and that number is sure to keep growing. Companies are going to need more and more professionals trained to work in a digital environment.

Digital transformation, hundredPercentOfTheTime

The world is at a turning point. Technological developments are everywhere around us - and so are the opportunities each of them brings. Technology lets us automate tasks and dedicate our time to more useful pursuits, as well as understand our customers better than ever. It's up to marketing teams and digital experts to make use of that ability. 

Let's be honest - everyone's online. One can only stand out by finding innovative ways to use the technology they have access to. Now that all my staff is working from home, I'm always looking for new ways to optimize their workflow and increase their productivity. Coursle's courses helped me come to insights that I was having trouble reaching by myself - insight's I'm now going to use to push my business forward.  - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


We purposefully choose teachers with a lot of industry experience - they can teach you the theory, yes, but they can also share real-world career scenarios and examples with you. They can prepare you for the reality of the field you're about to enter and turn you into a competent digital marketing expert. 


  • Did you know that videos usually keep visitors on a page up to 2 minutes longer? 
  • Customer who are targeted with e-mail marketing spend 83% more money shopping 
  • Articles that contain images have 94% better engagement 
  • 67% of customers say that the quality of the product photo influenced their purchasing decision