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Are you social and goal-oriented? Do you have a knack for sales and business you'd like to develop? A Marketing & Sales course will help you hone your business instincts, learn about Marketing and closing deals and lay the foundation for a successful career! Our approach to education uses a combination of theory and practical exercises to guarantee you'll effectively retain the knowledge you gain. And once you graduate, you can get a certificate with your name on it, and use it to pave your way in the business world

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Companies need sales to thrive - which means that Sales and Marketing experts are always in demand. It's a growing industry with a lot of possible career paths. Do you want to be salaried, or to freelance? Up to you!    When you graduate from our courses, you do so with a professional diploma with your name on it. That's proof of your hard work and motivation - and proof that you defended your Accounting knowledge in our competitive exam. Your new certificate is a valuable tool on your path to success. 

The beauty of Marketing is that you can do it in any industry. As long as you achieve your targets and work hard, you'll be able to secure a good position and grow in it. It happens all the time here - someone comes in at entry level, then gets a promotion in no time.  - employerSpeaks


Marketing and Sales is a constantly changing industry. Different marketing mediums and social platforms come and go, each with a different audience and advertising methods and requirements. 

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With sites like Instagram being as popular as they are, influencer marketing is all the rage. Tech developments are rapidly changing the market - but salespeople and marketing experts remain a vital cog in the purchasing process. 

I've been in Sales for a few years now. In that time, no two days have felt the same. You'll have the opportunity to meet new clients and overcome new challenges.    To be successful in Sales, you need in-depth knowledge of the product you're selling. Especially if you're in software or IT, you need to always be on top of new developments and understand how your company's product works.    Getting into Sales was the best thing I ever did. No other job has kept me so engaged and fulfilled at the same time.  - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


A company needs revenue to grow. You get that revenue by increasing sales, which means you need people in Marketing and Sales. These courses will turn you into a sought-after professional in any field you're interested in- because everyone has a Marketing department. 


  • Studies show that 90% of a company's turnover comes from 10% of its customers. Not all customers provide the same value.
  • People spend approximately 8 seconds on new things they see online. You'd better convince them during those 8 seconds