Accounting is a major part of any business. Do you have a penchant for numbers and logic? An Accounting career could be perfect for you. Take a look at our Accounting courses and start developing your professional skills! Our approach to education uses a combination of theory and practical exercises to guarantee you'll effectively retain the knowledge you gain. And once you graduate, you can get a certificate with your name on it, and use it to pave your way in the business world

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Accounting is a stable job field with a 4% projected growth between 2019 and 2029. A qualified, competent accountant is a desired candidate at any big company - as long as they can prove their competence, that is. And that's where our certificated come into play. When you graduate from a Coursle course, you do so with a professional diploma with your name on it. That's proof of your hard work and motivation - and proof that you defended your Accounting knowledge in our competitive exam. Your new certificate is a valuable tool on your path to success.

An accountant is supposed to be good with numbers. Everyone knows that. What people miss is that accountants need to be good at communication, as well. What good is an expert who does everything right, but can't explain it to you? You need to be able to understand the conclusions your accountant arrives at, and that's only possible if they can articulate it well. When I'm hiring an accountant, I always prefer someone certified - someone who can prove they have the skills I need. I find that those people are the ones who know what they're doing. - employerSpeaks


AI is very useful for accountants. By automating repetitive but time-consuming tasks, an accountant can dedicate their time to more productive analysis and data interpretation. On a separate note, more and more people are looking to get their finances under control. You want to be in control of your money - it's natural. Are you wondering how to get a better handle on your finances? One of our courses can help you with that

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Accounting has undergone a technical revolution. Excel sheets have replaced books - and those are, in turn, slowly being replaced by more advanced software. Software that still needs skilled accountants to manage it. The financial world is always changing, and good accountants keep track of those changing, using them to help their employers save money or make a profit. Companies realize that - which is the reason behind the high employment rate in Accounting.

An accounting career keeps you busy - I'm speaking from experience. I know my field is evolving, and I need to keep up - but long hours make it hard to study consistently. That's why I chose the Centre for Distance Learning. Home courses let me study - and even get new certificates - on my own time, at my pace. I'm keeping my skills and resume sharp without losing my free time. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


I've noticed that accounting courses are regarded with a certain repute. It's a well-paid, reliable career choice, and the knowledge one gains while becoming an accountant is useful in many other areas of life. It's also a wide field with many different branches - you can easily specialize depending on your interests.


- November 10th is "Accounting Day" worldwide
- Accountant employment rates have increased by 13% since 2014
- Mick Jager is known for his musical talent - but to you know he could rock a spreadsheet too?