Team leaders are a key element of any business. Do you want to be able to coach, motivate and support your employees? Were you recently promoted and now wondering how to approach your new responsibilities? Our Leadership courses will help you fill your new shoes! You'll learn everything about being a leader. Our tutors will give you tips and tricks from their own careers, and help you with bonus materials, practical exercises and examples. By the time you graduate - with a professional certificate, no less - you'll be ready to confidently take charge of your team!

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Project Management

Project Management, cpProfessionWithFuture

Start a job in Project Management and conquer the business world with your skills.


Business Management Allround

Business Management Allround, cpProfessionWithFuture

All you need to know to became a Business Manager. Get your degree here.


Healthcare Management

Healthcare Management, cpProfessionWithFuture

Learn all you need to know to become a healthcare manager! Get your degree with Coursle.


Leading in the Workplace

Leading in the Workplace, cpProfessionWithFuture

Register for our Leading in the Workplace course now! Start learning at your own home!


Middle Management

Middle Management, cpProfessionWithFuture

Sign up for Middle Management and find out how to achieve success!


Office Manager Allround

Office Manager Allround, cpProfessionWithFuture

All you need to know to became a Office Manager. Get your diploma here.


Sports Management

Sports Management, cpProfessionWithFuture

Start a job as Sports management and conquer the business world with your skills.



A leadership course will teach you to manage and motivate a team, manage conflicts and problem-solve in a decisive manner, and be assertive without appearing arrogant. With a diploma with your name on it, you'll be able to show your clients or your future employer that you're qualified and ready to excel in your new role. It looks great on your resume, and significantly increases your chances of being chosen for a role or promotion.

Most managers can perform their employees' tasks. But if you're doing that, you're ignoring your actual responsibilities. The actual trick to good leadership is delegating work and positioning talent so that the entire team's skillset grows with time. As a manager, you should be passionate about inspiring others and encouraging them to do their best. - employerSpeaks


A good manager is always on top of things. Are you familiar with the latest trends in the field? Do you know how to support and motivate your team? Management is quickly becoming a role instead of a title. Companies are moving away from traditional organizational structures, and self-managing teams and organizations and becoming more prevalent. Which means that qualified professionals who know how to take charge are a valuable asset anywhere.

Leadership, hundredPercentOfTheTime

Innovation always goes hand in hand with leadership. Today's business world is leaning toward teamwork above everything else - which is to say that future managers will need to be able to lead diverse teams and influence their employees effectively.

I was recently promoted to Team Leader. I was always a bit of an all-rounder at work. I knew a bit of everything. But when I found myself in charge of a team, I quickly realized I was missing a few key skills. I found the Centre online, and their courses helped me get my feet under me and start heading my new team. Most importantly, they did that without taking away too much of my time or hurting my schedule. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


Our teachers' years of professional experience have helped them develop skills in management, decision making, negotiation, leadership and teamwork. Skills they're happy to share with you. Even the best managers sometimes need to brush up on their skills and gain a new perspective.


- The ability to manage people is more important than knowledge of the field or subject matter
- Study by American researchers Kouzes and Posner shows that heads of high-performing departments score high on affection
- Positivism is seen as an important quality
- 12% of managers say that they're not always certain about their decisions