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Extravagant make-up

Go for an extravagant look with makeup! Our tutors help you gain the knowledge on how to make your customers unrecognizable. During these lessons, you immediately get to work yourself and learn the techniques step by step.

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With an extensive portfolio you increase your chances of employment in the beauty sector considerably. As a makeup artist, you also need to master extravagant styles and possess skills that set you apart from the competition. So be sure to follow an education where you completely transform models or clients and get every assignment smoothly!

I work together with a team of 5 makeup artists for different TV shows. Two of them have been trained at your school and I can only say that they do their job very well. After seeing their resumes, I noticed that I had gold in my hands and they didn't let me down. They stood head and shoulders above my expectations. They mastered the techniques, knew what was expected of them and they are just two great madams to work with. The competition is fierce, but with a diploma, a first experience and a solid portfolio you increase your chances considerably! - employerSpeaks

Extravagant makeup


It is crucial for makeup artists to always be up to date with the latest trends. These are constantly changing, so you need to find the right channels to stay up to date and get inspired. Follow some important beauty accounts on Instagram or visit a makeup convention.

Extravagant make-up, hundredPercentOfTheTime

Some cosmetic brands want to do more for the world. They are committed to natural and sustainable products and packaging to reduce their impact on the environment. Some products are even completely 'zero waste' and do not leave any (plastic) waste behind! In addition, there is also attention for animal suffering. Many makeup products are tested on animals to study side effects, but more and more brands are putting an end to this and are going the vegan and cruelty free route.

I'm a freelance makeup artist for parties and events. Especially the period around Halloween I'm flooded with requests; which is very nice! During my education I got to know a lot of interesting people and the teacher was fantastic as well. We were taught some super handy techniques that still help me a lot today. It was more than just standard makeup classes, because we really got advice from the work field and tips to get a first assignment. I wish you success! - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


Who aspires a career as a makeup artist in showbiz is at the right place at our school. Our teachers make sure that you'll master different styles in no time and that you'll get the techniques right away. Students who have followed one of these courses receive assignments considerably more often.


  • The most famous drag queen is undoubtedly the American RuPaul. As soon as he puts on his dress and makeup, he turns into a gorgeous woman who hosts her own TV show. They welcomed many famous guests on the show, including Lady Gaga and Whoopi Goldberg.
  • Are you really good at your job as a grim? Then maybe you will get an Oscar nomination! The American MUA Ve Neill was nominated for her work at The Hunger Games, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek and more. Three times (including for Mrs. Doubtfire) she was even allowed to take the award home!
  • In the thriller Psycho (1960) chocolate syrup was used as blood. The film was in black and white, so the color was not important. Films in color usually use glucose syrup with a dark red dye.
  • In the series The Walking Dead the zombie actors wore contact lenses that were hand-colored for an extra morbid effect.
  • L'Oréal is the largest and best-known makeup brand. The company was founded in 1909 by a French chemist. Originally, L'Oréal only sold color rinses for the hair.