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Hair, brows & lashes

Are you a make-up artist and do you want to accomplish more? Add an extra skill to your resume and learn to create beautiful hairstyles, make eyelashes look on point, and eyebrows beautifully. During these courses, our teachers teach you the tricks of this amazing sector. Sign up now!

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Hair, brows & lashes

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With an extensive and personal portfolio, you significantly increase your chances of finding work in the beauty sector. Do you have extra assets and do you have unusual make-up skills? Then you have an advantage! Anyone who, as a make-up artist, also creates beautiful hairstyles, or styles eyelashes or eyebrows, gives themselves a big lead over the competition.

Make-up artists who have more to offer always have an advantage over other MUAs. An extensive portfolio is really a must in this sector. Someone who also does eyelashes or eyebrows ensures that as a fashion designer I don't have to hire an extra stylist. That is also a financial plus for me. - employerSpeaks

Hair, brows & lashes


Full lashes and eyebrows are hot. It is an art to style the delicate hairs with precision, so your skills as an eyelash or eyebrow stylist come in handy! Long-term solutions such as extensions and lash lifting are also on the rise. Do you always want to keep up with the latest trends? Then follow a course at our school.

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Women want to spend less and less time on their daily make-up ritual, but still want to look good. The major beauty brands respond to this by offering long-term solutions. This creates at least one new technique every year to create fuller, tighter eyebrows and longer eyelashes. A few years ago, microblading hit the scene, where tiny eyebrow hairs are tattooed on your skin. Microfeathering is the more refined variant and ensures that your eyebrows look more natural and a bit fluffy. Brow lamination is also becoming increasingly popular. With this method, eyebrow hairs stay perfectly in place for several weeks and you still get beautiful full eyebrows without invasive techniques. Mascara is not dead, but it has seen a sharp decline in popularity. Women no longer have the time and desire to apply their mascara every morning and take it off at night. They prefer long-lasting methods such as eyelash extensions. They also like to pay a little more money for that.

After several years as a make-up artist, I felt I had to learn new things to keep scoring enough assignments. I found out more about the courses at this school through a colleague and I enrolled almost immediately for a course in eyebrow extensions. From lesson 1 we got to work ourselves. Thanks to the excellent directions from the teacher, I quickly learned the techniques. The requests? They are pouring in again. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


These courses are popular with students who already have experience as a make-up artist. They want to supplement their CV with extra skills to get more assignments. Thanks to our fantastic teachers, you will learn to perfectly match eyelashes, eyebrows and hairstyles to any look. You will immediately start working actively during the lessons so that you learn quickly and can start professionally.


  • The very first mascara was made over 4000 years ago. The stuff consisted of honey, carbon and… crocodile droppings!
  • Eyelashes can also turn gray with age. Fortunately, they do this much less quickly than your hair and with a little mascara they are easy to camouflage.
  • Long lashes, we all want that. But 12 centimeters seems a bit too much to us. The Chinese woman who can write this world record to her name does not seem to mind.
  • Our eyebrows convey almost 50% of our message. Your facial expression makes it immediately clear to your conversation partner how you feel or what you think.
  • Each eyebrow consists on average of about 250 hairs. Although that number is still quite high for people who never pluck their eyebrows.
  • Eyebrows love summer! They grow much faster in warm weather than in the cold winter.