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Imagine speaking a language that gives you access to the top international jobs in the world. That’s the opportunity our Asian Languages module is giving you. Chinese is the most widely spoken, fastest growing language in the world. It’s slowly but surely becoming the new recognized language for international business and travel. More and more companies are based in China, or targeting the Chinese market. Not to mention that Chinese people are travelling more than ever. Overall, it’s a huge opportunity for profit. Japan is also rising through the economic ranks. Many companies are in business with Japanese business partners nowadays. Which means anyone fluent in the language easily has access to amazing business opportunities. Even if you’re just going to Japan on vacation, being able to connect with the locals will enrich your experience. It’s the perfect language for business and leisure. Indonesia is also a great tourist destination – but it’s also so much more than that. The Indonesian archipelago is an important trade route – and many European countries are in business there. This home study will let you freely talk to your new business partner – or help you enjoy your next vacation!

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