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Family support

Do you want to professionally support families and help bring their lives back into balance? Enroll in one of these hands-on courses under the guidance of an experienced professional teacher and earn your diploma in no time.

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Do you enjoy helping others? Do you like bringing families together? Then a job as a coach is perfect for you. More and more often, a coach is called in to strengthen family ties. Coaches are an essential link in reunions and in saying goodbye to a loved one. With a diploma from our school, you show your clients or future employer that you have in-depth knowledge and are ready to start professionally.

The family coach who helps our people in our company has completed their training in evening classes. (and it shows) They can make something beautiful out of every situation. I would therefore recommend anyone to follow a coach training in evening classes. - employerSpeaks

Family support


In a world that seems to be getting bigger and bigger, we like to reach back to our roots. To our families. We want our time with them to be quality time. So we're giving renewed importance to something that was long taken for granted. Some families need some extra help. Sometimes the family bond is fragile, due to ADHD, autism or a new baby. That's why a good coach is needed. Ready to help others?

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Literature about children and their development has been finding its way to parents for years. Yet we see a striking trend. Often this literature is based on gut feeling or follows some well-known parent’s story. It is not very specific and leaves a lot of children with specific needs out in the cold. That's why your education is important. You know what children need and what makes them happy and resilient for the future. Every child has different needs and every parent needs different advice. As a specialist a future awaits you undoubtedly full of challenges and with a lot of satisfaction.

My training as a family coach has given me a job that I am passionate about every day. I am able to bring families together and make them step outside again with a smile. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


The demand for family coaches is rising. More and more people see the importance of having a good relationship with the family. They want to grow closer together for themselves, the grandparents or the children.


  • Family comes from the Latin word Famulus, meaning servant.
  • Families that stick to a set budget have less stress than other families.
  • Budget coaching often provides more than financial freedom. In the long run, it causes your money to multiply.
  • Money is the thing that is discussed the most within a family.