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Pregnancy & birth

Do you want to guide women and couples through pregnancy and birth? During these training courses, you will delve into the needs of pregnant women and learn how to care for the newborn. Our instructors are ready to teach you step by step what you need to know!

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Pregnancy is not easy for anyone. Everyone can use some help during that time. That's where our courses come in. Whether you like working with babies or with people who are expecting. This is totally your thing. With these courses, you'll quickly become a doula, baby or pregnancy masseur!

Masseurs who have taken evening classes at this school are always top notch! As an industry, we know that many people give massages without having the proper training to do so. Those people often do a lot of damage. Everyone is satisfied with the work of students who graduate from this school. They have knowledge and skills. They have mastered all the techniques and can start as fully-fledged independent masseurs. - employerSpeaks

Pregnancy & birth


In recent years, more attention has rightly been paid to the safety and comfort of the mother. That's both before and after childbirth. Doulas and massage therapists fulfill that role. Now through our school, both groups have quality training to which they can refer. This can only benefit the child, the mother and the professional.

Pregnancy & birth, hundredPercentOfTheTime

Although the basis of many massage techniques goes back centuries, a lot has changed in the massage industry. For example, massage chairs have penetrated the general public, and massage oils and candles are also familiar to everyone. Those oils are getting better and more specific. For example, there are oils that are specifically designed to make your clients relax, loosen muscles or fight pain.

As a massage therapist, I have also been getting more and more young people and even children in recent years. They too have an increasingly busy life and a life with more stress. They are looking for relaxation. I always had the feeling that I needed to be properly trained, because a child's body is not fully developed. I quickly found my way to the Center for Evening Education. The teachers were professional and had clearly been practicing for years themselves. I immediately found that this was a great added value to my skillset, so I learned a lot in a short time. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


These courses are ideal for people who want to get straight into practice. You learn new techniques in class and then actually try them out. Our courses are thus perfectly attuned to the professional field. Our teachers are masseurs have lots of experience and know perfectly how to teach you all the techniques. You also fulfill an increasingly important role as masseurs. You teach people to relax in a society that is becoming faster, harder and busier. You also help pregnant women, children and babies to relax. It is a job with a future, but also a job that gives you a lot of satisfaction.


  • Our skin is our largest organ. So, a massage therapist has a lot of impact on our health.
  • Massage is perhaps the oldest form of medical care. Even in ancient Egypt they gave massages to relieve pain and heal people.
  • At least 1 in 4 people claim to have used massages to fight pain.
  • In addition to fighting pain, massages are also said to boost the immune system.