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A strong online presence is the mark of a successful company. Google Ads can help you improve your engagement and bring new clients over to your company. Take a look at our Google Ads courses and find out how to improve your search engine ratings and start appearing at the top of the search result page. Then watch as your client base steadily grows. Our teachers are handpicked professionals eager to share their expertise with you. Our unique practical approach uses a combination of theory and practical exercises to guarantee you effectively retain the knowledge you gain. And as soon as you graduate, you can earn a recognized diploma with your name on it – and use it to pave your way to success. Sign up and take the first step today!

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SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist, cpProfessionWithFuture

Our homestudies are the perfect gateway to a new career as SEO Specialist.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing, cpProfessionWithFuture

Step by step you'll learn how to build a blog and attract more visitors.



Google Ads: the tool to make or break your business. A correctly implemented Google Ads account can quickly boost any business, increase engagement and profits. It's the most popular and effective paid advertising method nowadays.    If you're in marketing or sales(or if you want to be), these courses are a great way to expand your professional competence. You'll learn to set up Ads campaigns, learn about SEO and SEA and find out how to determine optimal CPC(cost per click) and bid ranges. You'll become a desired part of any company's marketing department. 

"Google Ads is constantly innovating. To keep up with and keep up with the latest developments, it is certainly useful to regularly train yourself. You can always optimize the operation."   Google's algorithms constantly change - and marketers need to keep up. Outdated resources can do more harm than good - successful marketers stay that way by using a combination of practice and online programs to educate themselves.  - employerSpeaks


A big new thing is the ability to automate your Ads account - and we're probably in for more automation opportunities. Imagine being able to set automatic bidding ranges. Google is always working on algorithms to make online marketing more effective - letting you focus on your creative strategy.    Google is also taking a step forward by targeting mixed audiences that meet several of your behaviors/ characteristics. 

Online Marketing - Google, hundredPercentOfTheTime

Google recently launched Discovery Ads, letting advertisers showcase images of their products and improve their reach.    Advertising continues dominating the market. Video ads are a great way to promote your business to a huge audience at relatively low cost. 

Ever since I learned Google Ads, my site traffic noticeably increased. The teacher was very professional and patiently answered all my questions. I'm doing targeted marketing - something I didn't even know before - and seeing the results I always wanted.  - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


"If you only rely on bringing in clients through organic results, you could find yourself falling to the bottom of the page. These courses will help you show up on top instead. Our teachers are marketing experts who will teach you about search engine algorithms. You don't need any prior knowledge to start this course"


  • Users are 10 times more likely to click an ad at the top of the page than one on the side 
  • The average CTR(click-through rate) of a first-position ad is 7.95%
  • The average CTR of a Google Display Network ad is 0.4%