Tourism is a booming business worldwide. The sector is growing every year and needs well-trained and enthusiastic travel agents. Discover new cultures, eat exotic delicacies or simply take a break; there are plenty of reasons to travel. Everyone loves it, but not everyone is an expert in organization. Luckily you are here! Depending on your talents, you advise people, guide travelers in groups, give guided tours or receive tourists at the reception. Jobs in the tourism industry are numerous and enormously exciting. No two days are the same and every customer is different.

Discover our courses in the sub-theme Travel and choose what suits you. We make you a real travel expert, so that you can get started with your dream job in no time!

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make traveling your job

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As a travel expert you will find work everywhere. Literally, everywhere. Wherever you are or want to go, there are always people who want to go to your destination on leave. Help them plan a filled trip, open a hotel or B&B or accompany them on the spot. The possibilities are endless and super interesting, just like the destinations. In the travel sector you can still be really creative. With enough buoyancy and perseverance anything is possible. With a diploma from our school, you demonstrate that you have the necessary qualities to start working professionally right away.

The tourism sector is an extremely exciting industry to work in. That is why it is of course very popular with employees. We receive a lot of applications from people who think that because they like to travel, they can immediately start working as a tour guide, hotel manager or travel agent. However, it doesn't work that way. When I see that an applicant has obtained a diploma through Distance Learning or Evening Education, I know that they have the necessary competences and knowledge. - employerSpeaks



Solo Travel: more and more people are choosing to go out alone. Adventure guaranteed! Eco Travel: people are increasingly concerned with the environment and sustainable travel is becoming the new standard. An example of this is going on a trip by train instead of the plane. Local experience: becoming a tourist is a thing of the past, people want an authentic experience. Avoid the tourist hotspots and really immerse yourself in a new culture. Bleisure Travel: this is a fancy English term that means that people combine their business trips with tourism.

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As in any sector, one of the greatest drivers of innovation is the ever-improving 'Artificial Intelligence' (AR). 'AI' can process enormous amounts of data and, based on that, make personalized suggestions for travelers. Reviews can also be processed very quickly and, for example, the breakfast menu can be adjusted on the basis of this. Another emerging innovation are the so-called 'Smart Rooms'. Imagine being able to control every aspect of your hotel room with your voice. This is already the case in certain hotels in China, and it is likely to expand around the world soon. For example, guests in Smart Rooms can change the lights, music, curtains and temperature with their voice.

I loved to travel from an early age and I wanted to work with my passion for traveling. That is why I started a tour guide training from the travel offer. In the meantime, I have already completed a number of trips as a Tour Guide and I cannot imagine that I will ever get bored. I now also work as a mobile travel agent in addition to online and the travel office. You can e-mail, call or make an appointment at their (home) office, or he or she just comes to your home. This career offers me a perfect mix of adventure, challenge and social contact. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


Our travel courses are always a success. Students are also always happy to come in when they have questions about these courses or come to take classes. Traveling makes everyone happy. Even if you are an experienced backpacker and have already had a lot of long journeys, in our courses you are guaranteed to learn a lot of new tips & tricks. Choose which position suits you best and give it your all!


  • Spending money on travel makes you happier than spending money on material things.
  • The shortest flight available with an airline takes just 2 minutes and goes from the Scottish island of Westray to Papa Westray.
  • The longest flight, on the other hand, takes 16 hours and goes from Sydney, Australia to Dallas, USA.
  • Las Vegas is the city with the most hotel rooms in the world.
  • France is the most visited country in the world. Chance that we live so close!
  • However, the most visited city is Bangkok. Unfortunately that is a bit far.
  • Traveling lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and has a positive effect on our brain.