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How do you successfully market a new product? How do you ensure that everyone knows what you or your company does and what services you offer? These are all matters where good marketing and PR are necessary. With training from the sub-theme media & PR you will learn extensively acquainted with new media and learn to communicate like the best in the world of Public Relations. Are you Outgoing, open-minded and trend-sensitive? Then take a quick look at our courses in the subcategory media & pr!

Our teachers help you to understand everything down to the last detail so that you can really get started with your knowledge in practice. The courses are full of tips & tricks, exercises and extra teaching materials, so you have everything you need to become an expert.

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Media & PR

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With an education from the sub-theme media & PR you become a real communicative all-rounder. You learn to strategically send the right messages to the world at the right time and with the appropriate media you ensure that you generate the right attention. Moreover, you can work in a range of business sectors: as an employee in a communication service of large companies, press officer, spokesperson, crisis communicator, social media manager, event manager, business journalist,…the possibilities are almost endless. In media companies you will find shelter as a production assistant, program employee or production manager. You are also in demand at government institutions as an information officer, communication expert, cabinet employee, communication officer or spokesperson. In short, employment is guaranteed!

There is always something to do in the marketing sector. A PR professional sees news through a different lens. You check whether you see leads to link your customer to current events. Unlike a few years ago, it also attracts more interest among the general public. Seeing our customers appear in a news medium ... that's great! It is an industry that never stops. That is why it is important that you keep up and follow all trends closely. A course is therefore never a waste of time. This way you stay up-to-date and you know what's going on. - employerSpeaks

Media & PR


PR & media is a broad concept. The ever-changing media landscape is very important to keep an eye on and respond to. Every year there are trends that disappear, gain importance or simply remain the same. Today, media are increasingly becoming communities. The role of the medium is therefore clearly changing: in addition to informing the right people, it also increasingly wants to connect the right people. Consider, for example, different brands share hashtags, so that consumers and users also have a mutual conversation about the brand. As a media and PR professional you are therefore a very important link there.

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The world of media & PR also has many innovations and developments that indicate that the PR industry has a successful future ahead. For example, press services have long been an essential part of PR, but their position has weakened significantly over the past five years. Organizations are less willing to spend fortunes on this old way of news distribution and spend a growing portion of their budgets on the production of quality content and online environments such as newsrooms and curation hubs.

I trained as a PR assistant. As a PR professional I am in contact with different parties who need each other, but also have their own agenda. I find it interesting to move in between mediums. I discover how customers and media reinforce and encourage each other. Shortly afterwards I also followed the 'Social Media Marketing' training at the Center for Evening Education. I had all the skills I needed to get started in marketing and PR. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


Our marketing, PR & social media training courses are very popular these days. It is therefore a very fun and lucrative sector. In order to best prepare our students for work life, we ensure that the courses are as up-to-date and practical as possible. This way they will not fall short and can immediately fly in after their training!


  • Did you know that Public Relations has been around for thousands of years? The Greeks even had a word for it: Sematikos: this word can be defined as "how to make people believe and do things."
  • Careerbuilder, an American job site, researched the 15 jobs that most need coffee at work. Public Relations came second here, after scientists and lab technicians.
  • Did you know that Facebook now has about 2 billion users?
  • Twitter is a very popular social medium among world leaders, as many as 83% of them have a Twitter account.