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Do you dream of becoming an animator and do you want to work in the world of animation and entertainment? Do you want to work more specifically with people and groups? Ideal! The leisure economy continues to grow strongly. The demand for competent counselors is therefore increasing enormously. Quickly discover the courses from this sub-theme.

Our teachers help you to understand everything down to the last detail so that you can really get started with your knowledge in practice. The courses are full of tips & tricks, exercises and extra teaching materials, so you have everything you need to become an expert.

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The entertainment industry continues to grow enormously. The demand for diverse animators therefore remains very high. As an animator in fringe animation you provide a colorful input between people. You will work specifically and more effectively with different groups. You offer a challenging climate that invites you to explore and push boundaries. In the sector you can work as a self-employed person at various events, you can work within a hotel, within youth work, on playgrounds, theme parties ... The possibilities are endless!

The nice thing about a job in this sector is that it is about much more than just entertainment. You really make a positive contribution to society. You commit yourself to others, even when it comes to people with (fewer) opportunities. Moreover, you really expand your horizon. Because you come into contact with so many different types of people, you get to know different cultures and mentalities. You often end up in various international projects. You gain experiences and skills for life. - employerSpeaks



We notice that the demand for training within animation is increasing. More and more events cater to qualified animators for various purposes to meet the demand of their clients. Nowadays there is someone at every event who provides a colorful input between the attendees, which makes the event or occasion different from usual. Lately, a lot of people have even consciously opted for an animation training to develop themselves more and broaden their horizons.

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The entertainment industry continues to grow enormously. The demand for competent employees has therefore increased sharply recently. The government also wants to use more and more resources to stimulate this growth and thus promote the mobility and work possibilities of animators. Training as an animator is also very valuable for your personal development. Nowadays there is also a shift towards animation within residential and care centers. The sector is increasingly in need of an attractive range of activities with a focus on both group activities and an interest in individual interests, and this for residents with a variety of care levels and profiles.

To begin with, being an animator is simply fun because you spend a whole day having fun while doing your job. You interact with children, teenagers and their parents. I myself am a make-up artist so I have worked on several special occasions. You really mean something to the children, their parents and even to society. You make people happy and that is the best feeling you can have. It also looks great on your CV. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


We notice that the demand for training as an animator is increasing very rapidly in the entertainment indsutry. We have already enrolled a lot of students of various ages who all want to make a difference in the sector. You commit yourself to others, regardless of their social, financial and personal background. You also learn how to deal with conflicts, motivate a group, draw up a schedule or deal flexibly with unforeseen circumstances. These are all valuable skills that you use a lot during your career! Ideal for a secondary occupation or as a self-employed person.


  • As an animator you grow enormously yourself. You take on a lot of new challenges, you take responsibility and you constantly gain new experiences.
  • You learn to deal with all kinds of people and you therefore also acquire a lot of 'social skills'. That also looks great on your resume!
  • Your creativity is endlessly stimulated. By improvising and relying on your own abilities, you learn to respond very quickly and flexibly to complex situations.
  • You push your own boundaries. As an animator you sometimes get involved in international projects and you establish contacts with external partners. In this way you also gain experience abroad.