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Event management

Events are booming. Any ambitious company needs events, from product launches and press conferences to business meetings with potential investors. Do you dream of helping to organize gigantic festivals, fairs or product launches? Are you bubbling with energy? Then you are the golden boy / girl the event world is waiting for.

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Your future? It is guaranteed! You have a wide range of career opportunities and with your diploma you will easily find a job. Events are big business! From creative concepts about organization and communication to implementation and follow-up. You learn everything to set up a successful business or public event. With your communication skills you control the entire business from A-Z. You can work in the event sector, but also far beyond it. Fancy a career as a wedding planner or as an organizer at an event agency? Or are you more interested in organizing festivals, neighborhood parties and birthday parties? You decide! Take a look at the courses in the sub-theme event management.

The events sector is a fantastic sector. Organizing an event is a fantastic experience. When everything goes according to plan and the customer is satisfied. The ultimate kick still remains the smiling faces and great memories. You can ensure that time and again in this sector and that gives an incredibly good feeling! - employerSpeaks

Event management


Whether you operate as a small-scale company, are more active in in-person conferences and seminars, or are looking for ways to innovate, implementing interesting trends is always extremely interesting in the world of event management. Personalization of events is now a big thing. Today, every event is branded with a unique identity, logo, promotional materials, social media announcements and other goodies. This makes the authenticity of events much stronger. 'Added value' has become an important point of attention in modern event management. Incentives or 'goodies' nowadays therefore have an important added value. For example, visitors to an event occasionally like to receive a key ring or a notebook. This is not only thoughtful, it is also a keepsake and in that way also part of the marketing mix.

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Technological developments are advancing very fast. Also in the world of events. For example, you already have atmospheric LED lighting, access points that allow a thousand guests to use the internet at the same time and fancy reservation systems ... and it is far from over. Recently, there has been a very significant emergence of 3D simulation techniques. For example, 3D technologies have already ensured that the world of festivals can be completely reinvented. Audiences can be completely simulated and performers give virtual performances. It is certainly a challenge to organize events like this one.

I knew from an early age that I wanted to do something with events. I wanted to be able to get started quickly and still follow a qualitative training. That's how I ended up at the Center for Evening Education. I will never forget my first event, as a brand new commercial director. The event bug has never let go of me. Working in the events sector is not a job, it is a passion. I enjoy so much variety and get to know so many wonderful people. They are all passionate and talented people. I would like to be one of them! - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


Training courses within the event sector are very successful with our students. About 30% even opt for an international experience abroad. Even 97% has a job within 3 months. You also absolutely do not need any prior knowledge. Our classes have been specially developed to quickly teach you practical knowledge and skills. On the basis of examples, practical exercises and case studies, you adapt the material from the first lesson.


  • Event technology can increase attendance by 20%, increase productivity by 27%, and reduce costs by 20-30%.
  • 50% of event revenue usually comes from registration fees. Spending on food and drink usually takes up 33% of the total budget.
  • 13% of event professionals have already used virtual reality technology.
  • Email is most commonly used for event marketing.