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Event organization

Do you dream of organizing an event like Tomorrowland, for example? Or would you rather be the driving force behind a company party or a fashion show? The world of events is waiting for you. With an education from the event organization sub-theme, you can use your organizational skills to perfectly manage a party, conference, meeting or large-scale event.

You learn everything about events yourself. Our teachers help you to understand everything down to the last detail so that you can really get started with your knowledge in practice. The courses are full of tips & tricks, exercises and extra teaching material, so you have everything you need to become an expert.

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Many companies are now expanding their communication mix and are fully committed to events. They also realize that good organization is necessary for both communication and their image. As an expert in events, you are able to set up a professional event from A to Z. You start with a creative idea and let your creativity flourish. As a true event planner, you are on top of the latest trends and you ensure a fantastic execution and a smart marketing approach! Each company is therefore a long way ahead with your skills. With a diploma from our school you show your customers or future employers that you have in-depth knowledge and are immediately ready to start professionally in the world of events.

In the past two to three years we have noticed that an event is increasingly focused on experience during an event. Why would a customer go to your event specifically? That is a question many organizers have to ask themselves. Nowadays, there must be something extra tied to it before guests want to go or keep a precious free day in their calendar. That is what makes working in this sector so challenging and exciting. It keeps you busy! - employerSpeaks

Event organization


Every year there are many new trends in the world of events. Some trends continue, others are completely new. Events are increasingly used strategically by companies and organizations as a fully-fledged part of their marketing and communication mix. Companies think more carefully about the message they want to convey as a brand. Companies really want to get in touch with their target audience in a way that suits their brand in order to improve their marketing, sales and communication goals. Discover all the trends yourself during a training from the sub-theme event organization.

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The event industry is hugely innovative. Many people nowadays want to be amazed and surprised. They want a WOW moment. As an event planner you can work with the latest, exciting event technology. VR, or virtual reality, has been on the rise for several years now because of the fun experience it gives users. When a person puts on a VR headset, he or she gets to see images in 360 degrees. This way you can experience an event intensely from any location.

I will never forget my first event, as a brand new commercial director. The event bug has never let go of me. Working in the events sector is not a job, it is a passion. I enjoy so much variety and get to know so many wonderful people. They are all passionate and talented people. I would like to be one of them! - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


The demand for training to become an event manager remains enormous. Events will continue to be an essential tool in the communication between companies and their customers in the future. Our courses are all about originality and creativity. We have already enrolled a huge number of students with a lot of enthusiasm and passion. This is what makes their profile so unique on the labor market.


  • In the world of events you have a lot of variation: In one day you can be busy checking the location, attending a demonstration of a new tech tool, having a meeting with a customer or agency and on the same day brainstorm about a new event. Variety is what makes life exciting and event planning certainly is!
  • Event planning can make you travel all over the world. From an event in your own city, or an event in another country, you will always come to exciting and interesting locations and destinations.
  • Those who can express themselves creatively have a happier life and often have a more balanced life, so as an event planner you get the best of both worlds.
  • Event planning has a lot of flexibility: you can actually do your work anywhere.