Someone who wants to guarantee good food for any occasion, calls a caterer. From catering for large parties and meetings to delivering luxury sandwiches for a company lunch. With an education from this catering subcategory you will learn everything you need to get started successfully as a professional caterer.

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Cupcake Baking

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The catering sector is booming and how could it be otherwise? In Belgium (and also in other countries) we love to party and eat. We prefer to outsource as much as possible ourselves. A training as a caterer is therefore the stepping stone to a brilliant career in the hospitality industry. Someone who wants to guarantee good food at a party calls on a caterer. Demand from companies and individuals is booming! Jump on the cart to work! With your knowledge you can immediately go in any direction. The work options are extensive. You can immediately roll up your sleeves at a catering service, in a restaurant or hotel, as a cook-at-home or how about setting up your own food truck? The choice is yours! Take a quick look between the courses in the sub-theme catering.

We notice that the sector, and especially the leisure sector, is in great need of dynamic profiles. A business without a motivated workforce with an eye for detail and a commercial feeling has little chance of survival in these challenging times. Moreover, the sector is flourishing: the demand from companies and private individuals continues to increase enormously. If you want to translate your culinary and organizational talent into a full-fledged job, then this sector is perfect for you! - employerSpeaks



Today, more and more trends are emerging in the world of catering. Of course you don't have to follow all of them, but of course they do succeed with the general public. More and more products are prepared in a sustainable way. The guest also increasingly needs stories behind the different products. Where is it from? Is it sustainable? Does it fit in my diet? These are all questions that come up regularly these days. With a training from the sub-theme catering, we respond quickly to all these trends and prepare you as well as possible for the work field. Specializations take your skills to a higher level than the rest. From employees to the self-employed, from beginners to semi-professionals: with us you will learn the tricks of the trade.

Catering, hundredPercentOfTheTime

Innovation in catering is becoming increasingly visible: For example, a food printer or a robot arm for drinks is already being used. This technique can be extremely functional, allowing the host or hostess to free up even more time for guests. Nowadays people also speak of 'rise of the machines'. Equipment that requires only 20% of the preparation time and ensures a nice structure and tasty taste. This sometimes solves the shortage of cooks. The sector is certainly not only about pots and pans. It focuses on you and your catering business as a business.

I first worked in the hotel sector for a number of years. After that, the urge to start up your own business became enormous. In the meantime I have set up my own catering company in Antwerp. Thanks to the training I recieved, I got the necessary know-how and experience to start my own business. For example, I learned to develop a business plan, conduct market research, and look for investors. These are all factors that are sometimes underestimated. It is absolutely necessary to be knowledgeable about these things. This is a job that offers me so much challenge and satisfaction! - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


Why we recommend a course that prepares you for the catering sector is very simple: the courses offer much more than just technical skills. You learn to develop strategic business plans and take care of the necessary administration. After training within the catering sub-theme, you really have everything you need to make your culinary finesse pay off and score one booking after another!


  • In catering there are no fewer than 61,775 companies. An average company employs about 250 people.
  • The catering sector is constantly evolving: In recent years there has been an enormously interesting evolution around 'local globalization': The international product and taste knowledge of guests is increasing, while local ingredients and suppliers from the neighborhood are becoming more important for clients. Cooking should be done as much as possible with products from the immediate vicinity and from the season.
  • Did you know that the word 'catering' comes from the English language where 'to cater' stands for 'provide' or 'deliver to'?
  • Even in challenging times, the catering sector is flourishing: En masse deliveries are made at home and people bring catering to their homes en masse.