Turn your love for animals into a fun hobby and sign up for a course at our school today. Our teachers will teach you the tricks of the trade, step by step, so that you can deal with each animal professionally.

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These courses are primarily intended to follow in your free time and to work with your own (domestic) animal. Of course you can also make it your profession and start as a dog trainer or open your own animal shelter. Our teachers will be happy to tell you from their own experience how to get started.

In my dog school there are three trainers, one of which has followed two courses at this school. I am very satisfied with his work and am even learning from them. Of course it is important to have sufficient knowledge about the animals and to be able to handle them well. It is also the way trainers deal with the owners is important. The contact has to run smoothly, because actually we train the owners as much as we train the dogs. - employerSpeaks



Dogs and cats are no longer seen as guards or mouse catchers, but primarily as company, a friend or even a family member. It is therefore logical that more and more people are paying more and more attention to the development and care of their animal. We are going to treat them more and more like people and we like to pamper them by, for example, providing a dog spa. There are also a lot of owners who are even cooking every day to conjure up a tasty meal for their animals. Of course a Christmas present can't be missing. It is important that we do not lose sight of their animal welfare. An owner who knows everything about their pet is a must-have!

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There are a lot of apps available that monitor the most important tasks of owners. Does your dog get enough exercise? Does your cat get bored too often? Is the diet adapted to the age, size and breed of your animal? Would you like to know more about animal first aid? Are you looking for a dog friendly restaurant? For everything you can download an app.

It has always been my big dream to become a beekeeper. You don't just start that job immediately, so I first followed the home study at this school. Thanks to the extensive and clearly written course, and also thanks to the fantastic advice of the teacher, I quickly bought my first hive to get started. Now I give good advice to other novice beekeepers and sell my own honey. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


There are a lot of animal lovers among our students, we notice this very strongly in the number of registrations. Owners who want to understand their pets better, but also people who want to make it their profession. Our teachers show you what you need to know to start as a professional. Thanks to their advice, you can easily set up your own business or apply successfully in the animal sector.


  • Dogs and cats can also become blood donors and thus save other animal lives.
  • There are more than 6000 approved veterinarians in Belgium. So I'm sure there is one in your neighborhood.
  • There are 1.5 million dogs in Belgium (1 in 5 five families have a dog) and 2.2 million cats (1 in 4 families has at least 1 cat).
  • Fish, birds and small mammals (such as guinea pigs) follow the dog and cat as the most popular pets