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Would you like to learn to work better with your computer or learn more about digital photography? Make your choice from these instructive courses and become a computer and media expert. You will be taught by top teachers who will guide you step by step in the digital world.

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If you can work smoothly with a computer and master some basic programs, you stand a better chance of getting a job. In every profession, you have to work with a computer at some point. It is also useful to keep up to date with digital developments in your spare time. Thanks to our courses you can take the most beautiful pictures on vacation, work smoothly with e-mail programs, are completely up to date with video calls and you can always follow when it comes to computers.

In my store where we sell second hand stuff, I have enough work for eight employees. I like to employ the slightly older population and give them a chance to start somewhere, so seven out of eight sales clerks are 55 or older. However, I do think they should have more computer skills. Most of the time that goes without saying, but I always give them the option to follow a computer course at your school. Two members of staff have already done that, and it’s been really successful! - employerSpeaks

Computer & media


It's great to look through your old photos today to see the evolution of time. Do you have a family photo in your archives from thirty years ago? Gather brothers, sisters and parents to recreate the moment in the same poses! We have all discovered the advantages of Skype and Zoom. Not only are more digital video meetings held at the office, but family circles are also making full use of these tools. An aunt in Morocco or a grandchild studying abroad in cold Sweden? You don’t have miss them too much!

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Smartphones are getting better and better, so the camera is also getting better and better. With an effect or an app you can transform your device into a professional camera. Video is becoming more and more important, so technology companies are investing in accessible and affordable cameras with which you can also film. No more blurry vacation footage; enjoy your digital memory in full HD.

Four years ago I created an Instagram account for my dog, a super cute beagle. I immediately got a lot of followers, so I found it necessary to follow a photography course. The teacher gave really useful tips to let my images speak for themselves. Meanwhile, I have almost 10,000 followers and am allowed to advertise pet food on a regular basis. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


We notice it everywhere: being able to work with a computer and smartphone is important, both at work and at home. During these lessons, you'll get to work with your phone step by step, so you'll quickly get to grips with the various functions. Photography is also more important than ever. It's the easiest way to capture memories, so it's nice that that you can catch them anytime.


  • The word 'kiekje' is based on the Dutch photographer Israel Kiek. In the 19th century he was regularly taken out of his bed to take pictures of drunken students. He didn't like to do it, so he didn't make much effort and didn't pay much attention to the setup. An spontaneous image was the result, just like our snapshots of today.
  • The first computer, Colossus, was built for the U.S. Army in 1943. It lived up to its name, because it was 5 by 3 meters and weighed about 5 tons.