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Learn all you need to know to become a Florist! Get your quality degree here!



Who doesn't like a little greenery in their immediate surroundings? Yet for many it is a challenge to find time to maintain a garden. That's why more and more people turn to a professional who transforms a jungle into a cozy place full of plants. The services of florists are also becoming more and more popular. Not only for weddings, but also in everyday life, more and more people brighten up their homes with colorful bouquets.

I have a garden care company that focuses on the maintenance of gardens for older people. With my four staff members, we ensure that the lawn is mowed, plants are pruned and that the vegetable garden remains tidy. Occasionally, the owners are willing to lend a hand where they can, so in addition to an in-depth knowledge, good social skills are also important. - employerSpeaks



More and more young people are creating their own urban jungle at home. They bring various tropical plants into their home that provide a cozy atmosphere. In addition, there is also more attention for native plants in the Belgian gardens. These are adapted to our climate and bear fruits that our native fauna can taste.

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Numerous tools exist to keep your plants alive. Do you already have an app that warns you when which plant needs to be watered or fed? Also those who leave on vacation for a longer period of time should no longer need ask their neighbor to come and water the plants from time to time. There is just an automatic system for that! With a pipette and a water reservoir your plant will get a splash of water at the right moment.

I have always had many plants in the house and every week there was a new bouquet of flowers on the table. Through a friend I joined the florist school at this school. I learned a lot! Now I make bouquets for myself, friends, family and my customers. I set up a small flower shop in my town, so now I can enjoy sweet fragrances and beautiful colors every day. Best decision of my life! - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


These are really nice courses for people who love plants. I followed the florist course myself, so I still regularly make bouquets for myself or for friends. Many of our students even use them professionally. I notice that they are very passionate and that they hang onto every word of our fantastic teachers.


  • The monstera deliciosa is known as a funny plant with holes in the leaves. Don't panic if yours doesn't have holes yet; that only happens when the plant is a bit older. The plant develops holes because thick raindrops during the monsoon damage the leaves.
  • One of the most popular flowers for a bridal bouquet are the peony, the tulip, the hydrangea, the rose and the arum.
  • Do you want to create a green wall quickly? Then go for the ivy, which grows at very fast pace.
  • Do you want to brighten up your bathroom with a plant, but not so much light comes in? The grass lily, fern and spoon plant like a warm, humid environment and don't need too much light to survive.