Do you want to take beautiful pictures on vacation or at home? Do you want to capture unforgettable moments? Then make sure you do that in the best way. During these courses you will learn to take pics like a real pro!

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With a photography course you can go in many directions. You can work as an independent photographer, as a photographer for a newspaper, magazine, press or communication agency or maybe as a freelancer who convinces his clients with the best images? You can also work in the wider creative sector: various advertising agencies call on the professional services of our graduates. The choice is yours!

Because of the better cameras on smartphones, everyone thinks they are photographers nowadays, but to be a professional photographer you need more skills. An education in evening or distance learning ensures that you can do everything a professional photographer needs to be able to do to make it. These courses also offer you enough practice to discover which aspect of photography suits you the most. This can be useful in your career to work with imagery. You can let pictures speak. - employerSpeaks



In the world of photography there are of course constantly new trends if you want to respond to commercial purposes. One of the major trends in photography at the moment is the focus on authenticity. No matter what kind of photography you do, it is important that you portray life as it is. Examples are depicting social activism, authentic photos of weddings, raw images and atypical beauty. Another trend is the vertical photo: In recent years you see more and more pictures shot vertically. Due to the increase in smartphone photography, it is almost natural to take the photo with portrait mode. Almost on every social media platform you see a vertical photo.

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Drones are getting better and cheaper. They have been available to the general public for some time now. They used to be quite expensive, but they are now much more affordable and better quality. As a professional photographer it is certainly worthwhile to immerse yourself in drones, so that you can create beautiful images from the air.

I took the photography course earlier out of interest; I just wanted to take nice pictures on vacation. But after a while I got the idea to start a travel blog and get people excited about my destinations. I got a lot of positive reactions to my work and I'm eager to do even more with my camera. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


You certainly don't have to be a top photographer to take this course. Everyone is welcome, even if you've never had a digital camera in your hands before. As a student you are the most important person here. You can count on intense guidance from our top teachers. There is enough balance to take the learning process into your own hands.


  • Did you know that photography literally means 'writing with light'? It comes from Greek, photo = light and graphy = writing.
  • Did you know that photo rolls last longer if you keep them in the refrigerator?
  • Every year, about 822 billion people share their photos on social media.
  • Did you know that you used to have to sit still for about 10 minutes to take a picture?