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Personal development

Do you want to develop your creativity and talents? During these courses you will learn to express your feelings and thoughts in all kinds of ways. Our teachers provide personal feedback and help you to achieve the best results.

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These courses are primarily meant as hobby courses, but also help you perfectly on your way to making it your profession. Would you like to start your own travel blog, write a book or start in the theater world? These creative courses will give you a head start and increase your chances of success.

As a manager of a travel agency I regularly work with influencers with a travel blog. One of them did a course in travel storytelling at your school and I can say that she does an excellent job. I've already had regular clients who came to me through her blog. In other words: I am super satisfied! - employerSpeaks

Personal development


More and more attention is being paid to personal development. It has become more important to express yourself and not to ignore your feelings and thoughts. With our courses you will learn to put everything in order and use creative methods to your advantage.

Personal development, hundredPercentOfTheTime

The internet has made it much easier for creative people to share their work with a larger audience. Through Instagram, YouTube and TikTok millions of photos and videos are shared every day. Influencers get big profits from their work and have made it their profession to score likes and views.

I followed a writing course at this school and will soon publish my first book. The teacher gave me a lot of useful tips to perfect my writing style and storylines. My creativity got a huge boost and I kept on writing. I am very satisfied with the end result and can't wait to have my first book in my hands. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


In recent years, these courses have become increasingly popular. Many students have discovered the added value of self-development and want to work on their creative thinking process. Our teachers will guide you in this process and give personal tips to get you started right away.


  • Who is open to new experiences, is more creative. Our brains become more flexible and our imagination gets a boost which gives us more ideas.
  • Listening to music reduces your cortisol production. That’s the hormone causes you to experience stress. So more music leads to less stress.
  • Negative experiences also have a positive side. Your creativity and original ideas skyrocket. It also works the other way around: by writing or playing music, you process traumas in a healthy way.
  • Daydreaming helps you to gain new insights. In your subconscious you will get other ideas and make links that you hadn't thought of yet.