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Drawing & painting

Are you creative and visual? Then choose from one of our painting & drawing courses or workshops. Our teachers will teach you step-by-step new techniques, so you'll get great results quickly.

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Drawing & painting


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Many of our students follow these courses as a hobby. However, they are also a good basis to start working professionally as an artist. With your diploma in your pocket you can quickly start as self-employed or as a freelancer. You can, for example, make drawings or watercolors with your self-written children's story and publish a fantastic book. Good sense of humor? Send your portfolio to newspapers and magazines and start working as a cartoonist. In this sector there are more possibilities than you think!

To start as an artist, you need two things: talent and knowledge. You either have or don't have that talent, and it only manifests itself by practicing a lot. You acquire knowledge of materials, perspectives and techniques by following a good education. I notice that students from this school get away with it quickly, because they are well supervised. That is of course a great asset for a career as an artist. - employerSpeaks

Drawing & painting


On Instagram you'll regularly see time lapses of artists showing their skills in sped up videos. In this way they inspire other creative people and put their work in the spotlight. More and more cartoonists are becoming familiar with their work. They are no longer the invisible artist of a newspaper editor, but have a flourishing career by offering their services more widely. A nice drawing on the wall of your school? A shop window that deserves an original print? Or a cheerful collection of beach towels? A lot of cartoonists will be happy to help you. Painting and drawing have a therapeutic effect, more and more people have discovered this. Just think of 'adult coloring' or zentangles. Empty your head!

Drawing & painting, hundredPercentOfTheTime

Drawing, painting and computer-controlled effects were water and fire for a long time. This has changed in the meantime! Not only large animation studios use advanced effects, also beginning artists have access to handy apps or online image editing tools. Think of it as an enrichment and use it to your advantage!

I had been thinking about drawing lessons for a few years, but due to my busy schedule it didn't work out. Through distance learning it worked out finally and I was very satisfied with the teacher's approach. At my own pace I mastered various techniques and was able to develop my talents further. What started as a hobby, ended with my own studio and soon my first exhibition. Exciting! - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


Most students who follow a drawing or painting course do so as a hobby. It's relaxing, stimulating and you're left with something to hang on your wall! But there are also students who want to make their profession out of it. Our teachers are happy to help! Step by step you will learn the techniques and get acquainted with the work field. How do you get your first assignment? How do you start your first picture book? Or how do you start as a self-employed person? You'll find out!


  • Drawing or painting makes you happy. Literally! Your brain creates extra happiness hormones when you put your pen to paper.
  • The oldest painting ever found was a cave painting of a hand. This ancient work of art was made more than 64,000 years ago by a Neanderthal man in the cave of Maltravieso in Spain.
  • There is a rumor that Leonardo Da Vinci's world-famous Man of Vitruvius is actually a self-portrait. For artists this work is a good method to determine body proportions.
  • The pencil is an English invention. In 1564, for the first time, a rod of graphite was encased in a wooden stick. Then the pencil was born!
  • Walt Disney learned to draw cartoons through a written course and refined his skills by going to art school. I'm sure you know the rest of his career.
  • The starry night of Vincent van Gogh inspired countless other artists. So did the American singer Don McLean in the song Vincent. The words "starry, starry night" speak for themselves.