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Do it yourself

Are you a handy harry or do you want to learn how to do all kinds of creative things yourself? Then choose one of these courses. You will immediately get to work yourself and our teachers will teach you the right techniques step by step.

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Crafted and locally produced items are selling better and better. If you decide to turn your hobby into your profession, there is certainly a market for successful sales. There are always other creative people who want to follow a workshop.

As a potter and ceramics painter I notice an increasing interest in my work. I am happy to give visitors to my studio a word about the creation process and the materials used. Moreover, many customers show an interest in working with clay themselves. I don't give workshops, but there is a clear interest! - employerSpeaks

Do it yourself


More and more people are buying locally and consciously, and they are willing to pay a whole lot more for it. Homemade jewelry, for example, is hipper than hip, unique and completely tailored to you. The same goes for interior decoration. We're increasingly ignoring the chains and shopping around the corner. This makes it easier for us to find out how products are produced, where the raw materials come from and who worked on them.

Do it yourself, hundredPercentOfTheTime

The often artisanal aspect of homemade stuff is also found online. Through websites like Etsy you can find producers from all over the world exhibiting and selling their original creations. This way they reach a wider target audience and boost their sales.

I followed the home study children's clothing design two years ago. At my own pace and with the feedback of the fantastic teacher I mastered the techniques and worked on my own clothing line. In the meantime I opened a small webshop and I've already built up a nice customer base. Next year I hope to expand and hire staff. Who knows, I might open my own store! - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


These DIY courses are becoming more and more popular; the motivation to create things yourself is great! Most students see it as a fun hobby that they can continue at home. However, we also see a growing number of people who want to make a living with it and make it their profession. That is certainly possible!


  • Who buys something from a do-it-yourselfer knows exactly what they are spending money on. You won't pump money into a billionaire’s pockets, but support honest, hard workers instead.
  • Every piece you buy is unique. No large factories that deliver mass production are involved!
  • You can get more explanation for each piece from the creators. You buy stuff with a story.
  • In search of something made to last? Then it's best not to look in the big chains. Local producers make stuff from rock solid material and often even offer free repair services.