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Cooking & baking

Would you like to learn to cook better and prepare different dishes? Then make your choice from one of these instructive courses and quickly conjure up delicious meals on the table. Our teachers will show you step by step how to do it.

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These courses are an added value for everyone who works in hospitality. Do you have one and do you want to pamper your guests extra with your homemade dishes? Then you will definitely score points with the recipes of our teachers. Those with a job in the hospitality industry can also put an extra trump card on their CV with these courses. Versatile staff is very much in demand!

As the owner of a tavern, I find it important that my kitchen staff is versatile and flexible. The more knowledge they have, the better. When applying for a job, I usually ask them to prepare a classic and to surprise me with another dish. The most original creation wins. - employerSpeaks

Cooking & baking


Healthy nutrition is taking on an increasingly prominent role. The hashtag #healthyfood opens up a world of delicious meals for you. Healthy living is hip! More and more people are going to work in the kitchen at home. Baking books sell like never before and everyone who has a stove has already conjured up a trendy dish. Vegetarian or vegan? Gluten or lactose free? Not such a hero with hot peppers? Or does coriander taste like soap for you? It's a very normal thing nowadays to indicate your preferences when ordering at a restaurant. By the way, many establishments are already taking different diets into account and are expanding their menu.

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Smart technology is gradually finding its way into our kitchen. For example, there's a refrigerator camera that checks when you're through your stock and lets you know in time that you need to visit the supermarket. Or that places the order itself, so you'll never be faced with any surprises. Also a hob that automatically gets hot where you put your pot is a handy thing. No more puzzling and measuring!

I've always had a passion for cooking and good food. I even got can even practice whenever I want in the kitchen of my cousin's restaurant. I experimented, but I felt I needed professional feedback. With my busy schedule an extensive cooking course wasn't in the cards for me. So the workshops at this school were perfect! It was fun, instructive and tasty! And the customers? They love to be surprised. - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


Cooking and baking is hip! Most students sign up alone or in a group to have a good time and learn something to continue at home as a hobby. In addition, we also see students who want to expand their professional skills and want to work in the hospitality industry. They also learn a lot from our teachers. During the lessons you will immediately get to work, so you will gain a lot of new knowledge and skills in a short period of time.


  • In European sushi restaurants, only raw fish that has been frozen for at least 24 hours at -20 degrees Celsius is used. This kills possible parasites. This does not happen in Japan; the sushi chefs are so skilled in their trade that they immediately recognize bad fish.
  • The use of a Moroccan tagine was mentioned for the first time in the tale of Thousand and One Nights.
  • The first praline was invented in Belgium by Jean Neuhaus. Since the year 2000, Neuhaus has been purveyor to the royal family and the king enjoys these delicious pralines in his palace.