Alternative Therapies

Alternative Therapies

Are you interested in alternative healing methods? Do you want to live healthier and heal without resorting to dozens of medications? In this case, follow one of our training courses in alternative therapies!

Expand your horizons with one of our practice-oriented courses and get fully introduced to the world of alternative health therapies. The new therapies occupy a very wide field using various techniques: from plants to stones (lithotherapy), via body techniques (cranio therapy, meridian therapy) and mental techniques.

Discover our wide range of home courses, make your choice and start a new chapter in your professional career. A choice that not only helps you, but also helps others.

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Alternative therapy methods gain popularity with every day. More people find their way to these healing techniques, while they look for a unique way to improve their lives. Apply to one of these courses and become an alternative medicine expert. This way, you must be sure that after you graduate, you are already an expert and the tons of clients just wait for you to become their savior. Sign up now!

"We are noticing a huge increase in demand. More people are finding their way to alternative or holistic medicine. So all the therapists in our country have plenty of work. As a sector, we also really want to help people. We want to make a difference in their lives. The therapists who graduate from this school have a very good reputation in that respect. Time after time we see enthusiastic and happy clients with them. That does some good. The future is in good hands." - employerSpeaks

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We live in a modern world, full of modern ailments. Yet ancient techniques, massages and healing methods are still very effective. More and more people are finding their way to alternative therapies. They are looking for experts who can help them further. As a therapist you are that expert. You use your knowledge and know-how to help people further and to come up with real, lasting solutions.

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Alternative therapy brings innovation to the health sector. It add infinite possibilities to cures, medications, and treatments. They are extended even further, since every individual must be treated in a different way.

"My husband has had challenges with his lower back for years. As a result, we used to be sent from specialist to specialist. I decided to take matters into my own hands and learn to massage at this school. Meanwhile, I help my husband, but I also have a whole client base of people with back problems. As a result, I earn a decent wage. But the real satisfaction comes from the fact that every day I see that I really make a difference for people. That makes them and especially me extremely happy." - exStudentSpeaking

Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden


This course is perfect for everyone who wants to help people live a better life with the help of alternative therapies. You receive everything you need to become a certified expert - from personal guidance to exclusive materials. Sign up now!


  • A foot massage improves overall health: in fact, each body part is reflected in our feet.
  • Each chakra represents a different area of life; for example, the second chakra helps build relationships with others.
  • Bach Blossoms come in different varieties and work on all kinds of mental challenges, such as sensitivity and anxiety.
  • Mindfulness increases your ability to concentrate.