Animal Care

Animal Care

Spending your life taking care of animals isn’t a career.

It’s more than that. It’s a calling.

Let me guess: You’ve always loved animals. Ever since you were a kid, it was your dream to spend all day helping them. If you’re here to make that dream come true- you’ve come to the right place.

Our professional training courses are a proven way to enter the field. You’ll quickly learn how to help animals, take care of them, and support pet owners. You’ll learn from experienced professionals and find out what you need to do to make any animal’s life better.

Take a look at our courses, and pick what you want to do. Learn, get certified, and start the life of your dreams!

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Every good veterinarian practice has assistants on staff - people who love animals, know a lot about animal care, but are capable administrators, as well. Our programs are designed to prepare you for that role, and our certificates serve as proof of your professional competence. You'll find out how to welcome and manage patients, stay on top of agendas and keep everything organized. 

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Thomas Verlinden
Thomas Verlinden