Computer Skills

Computer Skills

We live in a digital time. You use a computer at work, you use one at home: they have become a vital part of modern everyday life.

You can learn to work with them better than ever before. Being tech savvy is the single most valuable skill nowadays. You can achieve that with the help of our school.

We offer a wide variety of computer courses. Master any specialized software, increase your office productivity, and watch your monthly review scores soar.

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A degree in computer skills sets you up with the technical knowledge needed in various IT-related careers. Software development is one of the world's hottest industries right now, and experts project even more growth in the next 10 years. Companies are announcing new open positions daily. The career-ready skills you develop here, combined with your new certificate, help you get your foot in the door of the tech industry.

Working fluently with computers has become a must. In almost any job, working with Microsoft Office is an absolute must. Often even knowledge of HTML or other specialized programs is required. These courses are ideal for acquiring the necessary knowledge in a short period of time. - employerSpeaks

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In Northern Europe, 95% of the population actively uses the Internet. That's a huge amount, and further proof that computers and smartphones have a huge impact on our lives. That impact is still growing. Computer skills are essential in most jobs. Certainly in administrative and ICT positions, they are actively sought after at job interviews. Therefore, it's important prepare yourself with a course and learn the skills you need to succeed in life.

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IT is a vibrant sector where the influence of new developments reaches worldwide. One such emerging technology is artificial intelligence. We already come into daily contact with systems controlled by AI. When we take a plane, the pilot only flies for 7 minutes himself, the rest is done automatically. Google Maps sends you along the shortest and fastest route thanks to AI. Spotify recommends songs based on what you've listened to before, thanks to AI. The technology behind these systems is becoming more sophisticated and reaching further and further. Want to get involved in this world? Go for it!

I wanted to find a new and well-paid job for myself. That's why I decided to go for a home course two years ago. I took the Excel, Access and Word courses and learned the basics very quickly. Thanks to those courses, I had enough knowledge to quickly find a new job. - exStudentSpeaking

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Thomas Verlinden


If you want to get even better at working with computers or certain computer programs, these home courses are perfect for you. You start from zero and the material is very clear. The teachers are always ready to help and they are professionals with years of experience. We highly recommend that you join our community!


  • 80% of the emails sent daily are spam.
  • The three most common passwords are 123456, 12345 and password. So it's best to choose something different!
  • More than 6000 new computer viruses are developed every month. That's about 200 per day!
  • Professional typists travel more than 15 km per day with their hands.